Jul. 2: IDCEAYWTPFriday

It’s Friday, and that means you get a post called I Don’t Care Enough About You to Write in Transitioning Paragraphs Friday.

  • When you have to ask yourself repeatedly what day of the week it is, is that a good thing? I mean, it’s probably because you’re enjoying your life a whole bunch, right? It doesn’t mean that you might possibly be losing your grip on reality, does it? I think I might not want to know the best answer to that question.
  • Sunshine is home from her vacation! I missed her much. Kim F’n, on the other hand, has gone off to Ho-Tah ‘er somewheres and I’ve almost forgotten what she looks like. Because my tears are blinding me. Also, they burn. And itch a little. It could be the herpes.
  • My week started out on the nicest kind of foot, with a girlfriends’ lunch at Serratto in NW Portland. Sherilee came over for the day and met up with me and Kim F’n. There was much laughter and joy, and many, many smiles from the ever-in-love Kim. Here are some secrets I’m gonna share with you: Kim doesn’t listen when you ask her not to wear that jacket again in your presence, and Sherilee has a very expensive deck of cards. She also only occasionally has water at her house, so you might want to hug her from a distance. The three of us had a lovely afternoon together because together, we are lovely people. See? I’m totally right, huh?

  • Vic and I are thinking about re-claiming the spare room upstairs and turning it into an office again. Why? Because we try to do everything the hard way and 16 times. We’ll put the Wii back downstairs and let the kids have the family room as their play area. It will then be the messiest room in the house again, and we will grow weary of the screaming and nagging and switch it up in another couple years. It’s how we do.
  • I avoid going into my kids’ bedrooms because the cleanliness of them makes me want to scream. Today I walked past Katie’s open door and saw she has a Justin Bieber poster on her wall. Now I have a whole new reason not to go in there, I don’t care how clean it gets.
  • We’re having a little thing with a few friends here on Sunday evening. The kids talked me into it and I haven’t regretted the decision YET; talk to me in a few hours when they’re still playing video games and not cleaning their rooms. Anyway, if all goes as planned, here are some of the fun foods the kids and I are making for Sunday’s festivities (click the photos to link to more info):

  • Guess how much I love the new folders feature in the iPhone software v.4? So much. Nine screens’ worth of icons are now smooshed into two. I can’t find things any easier, but being organized is no longer the problem.
  • Check out the Cash Cow game for the iPhone. The full version is free at iTunes right now. It’s annoyingly addictive and you’ll hate me for recommending it.
  • My sister got this napkin at an airport coffee shop last week. I love what it says, but have to agree with Kath’s amendment; fake boobies are an exception in the “fake anything” category. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with fake boobies.

  • Not that this has ANYTHING to do with fake boobies, but Wednesday night I witnessed behavior between friends the likes of which I’ve not seen before in my very sheltered past. It was scary and funny and weird and since there’s photo evidence, I would recommend that those friends always always always be nice to Val. This is not one of the incriminating photos, but it does show an amazing group of women whom I dearly love:

    Chris, Sunshine, Cindi, Val
    Cassie, Wendy, Jenn K, Dina, me

    That’s Daisy, Cindi’s very sweet Doxie, cuddled in my lap. I don’t know how the empty Jell-O shots ended up in front of me. Weird.
  • Oh, and speaking of Val, the more I get to know that girl, the more I love her. Our latest discovery: we both hate Twilight! Yay us! Not to worry, Sunshine, Dina, Jenn K and our other friends who love Twilight. We still love YOU. See how generous we are? It kinda makes you love us even more, right?
  • I want a puppy. Katie wants a puppy. Jack wants a puppy. Millie would probably like a puppy. Scout would tolerate a puppy. Casey would not like a puppy. Victor thinks a puppy is a bad idea. Guess who’s going to win this one? Hint: Not Casey and not Victor. Ha. I know of a litter of rat terrier puppies looking for homes and OMG they are irresistible.
  • A couple years ago I read my mom’s issue of Utne Reader and thought it was a great magazine. She gave me a gift subscription for Christmas that year, and I have since decided that Utne Reader tends to be too full of its intellectual self, like a guy I dated in college. Just when I’m ready to give up on the magazine, there’ll be an issue with a handful of articles I really enjoy and they make me give it another chance, like when I decided that guy didn’t make me feel like such a dummy after all. I was wrong about him—soooo wrong—but I kinda love this article about parenting.
  • I think it’s kind of amazing that I’ve gone a whole post without mentioning Pamela Ribon, don’t you?
  • (Oops. Dammit.)
  • It started raining last night, and was still raining when I woke up this morning. Mother Nature is a bitch. Can someone tell her it’s July? Gah.
  • Ooooh, I just had a thought! If we take over the playroom upstairs, I can decorate it however I want. That means I can paint the walls! I love to paint walls. This is going to be so much fun. I gotta think about paint colors now. Bye.

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  1. Great post. And not just because it recaps our lunch so nicely--except for the water/smelly thing. Ha.

    And I'm still laughing about your assessment of Utne and "that guy" you dated in college. How very spot on.

    And I'm so glad YOU'RE with me on the Twilight not-so-much.

    I'm off to check out the Cash Cow on my expensive deck of cards...

    xoxo Happy 4th! And great looking treats! I love alotta food coloring! That's what makes the holidays really colorful.


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