Aug. 30: Daybook



Outside my window... the weather is cooler today than it’s been in a long time. I’m loving it. Very pleasant. We might even get rain, which will be great for the yard but exactly what my car doesn’t need—unless it’s a LOT of rain, and who wants that today? Not me.

I am thinking... that this week is going to be better than the last few. I want it to be. Desperately. It will be, right?

I am thankful for... safe travels for friends and family. Sunshine and Cindi are home from their trips, and Katie had an uneventful flight by herself to Denver on Saturday.

I’m also thankful for the new frozen yogurt place nearby—Divine. It is, well, DIVINE. The other day I got a lemon cheesecake mix, and yesterday—at their grand opening where there was very little that was GRAND because where’s our free stuff, dammit?—I had fruit punch sorbet. Best part: sittin’ by my Val.

I am creating... the new PTO web site. It’s taking forever because I have a picture of it in my mind and it has to match that picture perfectly or I’ll cut someone. A couple very cool things so far: I found an online calendar system that embeds onto one of the pages, and I think the form for collecting directory info is a winner too. The new mailing list service I’m using (on Deanna’s recommendation, THANK YOU DEANNA YOU ARE LOVELY EVEN THOUGH IT HAS A MONKEY) is the most amazing thing EVER. It’s called Mail Chimp, and if you have a mailing list and you’re not using Mail Chimp you are a ginormous loser, my friend. Here’s how good it is: I hate chimpanzees and there’s one on every page but I still love this service. (I know, right?)

I am going... to the doctor (my super-dude rheumatologist) this morning. Gotta figure out how to manage my joint pain now that I’m not on the potent steroids. Also, my left hand is still totally wonky. Also, I want a new drug.

(I don’t really want a new drug. I was just thinking of Huey Lewis and I cracked myself up.)

(I’m an idiot.)

(I’m an idiot, but I know that I’m the only one laughing, so don’t cry for me, Argentina.)

(There I go again.)

(These parentheticals are downright Kim F’n-like!)

(If you’re her Facebook friend, you know of what I speak.)

(Not so much “speak,” though, as “write.”)

(Or, to be even more accurate, “type.”)

Still reading? NOW who’s the idiot???

I am hoping... to keep hearing good news about Loveliest Lori. I sure do miss that girl. Having one of your favorite people in ICU and without her Blackberry for more than a week really, really sucks. The rumbly in my tumbly when I think about her is not from hunger; it’s from nerves and I feel like I’m gonna hurl, often. I know you wanted to know that.

For reals, that’s all I want right now: good news about Loveliest Lori.

I am hearing... the silence of my text message alert way too much today… I need info, people!

I’m also hearing the puppy tear around the house, and the other dogs letting him know how much he irritates them with his energy and youth. We, on the other hand, are loving this little guy. He’s a cuddly, sweet boy.

Around the house... it seems so quiet without Katie. I know she’s having a blast with my sister in Colorado, so I’m very excited for the adventure she’s on. We miss her, though. We miss our child who does not need to be reminded to brush her teeth or get dressed or feed the dogs or close the door behind her. Good thing Jack makes us laugh, or we’d drive him out to the country and leave him to be raised by one-toothed folk.

One of my favorite things... does not include the puppy surprise-French-kissing me after he’s given his nethers a good cleaning. Not my favorite thing at all.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Chemo tomorrow, football practices for Jack, a welcome back lunch at the school, other PTO doodies, a trip to Salem when (if) I’m allowed to see Lori, and Katie coming home Saturday evening.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

I love the name of this boat!

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  1. Here's hoping for a good week all around - lord knows you deserve that much!

  2. I miss Katie and she doesn't even live here! I'll be thinking about you tomorrow -- hope you've got a good book OR a good friend at chemo. I love you!!


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