Aug. 2: Daybook

daybookMy bloggy friend Jen E has been doing this Daybook thing for a while now. I like that it makes it (seem) easy to sort out one’s week before it really gets going, so decided to give it a try too.


Outside my window... it is sunny and beautiful. Bright blue sky. Not too hot yet. I am going to be out there in it soon. This is not a day to stay indoors.

I am thinking... of taking some water aerobics classes. I asked about them this morning at the aquatic center; when I explained my health situation the woman said, “You’d probably feel comfortable in the 11:00 class because there are mostly handicapped people in it.” I’ve never been called ‘handicapped’ before. Not sure I liked it. But I could probably out-aerobicize all o’ them wheelchair folk! I’m so in!

I am thankful for... my family. My good kids (today, anyway). My incredible friends. So many wonderful people in my life. Happiness.

From the kitchen... there’s not much going on. We might attempt cookies this week. I found a recipe for those delicious chocolatey cookies with the dusting of powdered sugar—my friend’s mom made them with us a bunch of times when I was little and just seeing the photo of them brought back happy memories.

I am wearing... jeans and a shirt. I’ll put on a scarf and shoes before I leave the house.

I am creating... an even bigger mess in my attempt to clean and sort closets. It’s wearing me out, but if I stop now, it’ll never get done. And I’m kinda cursing the fact that we recently downsized our garbage can, because we could really use the space right now. Thank goodness the recycle bin can be used for a lot of what we’re discarding.

I am going... shopping with the kids this afternoon. Katie needs a new lunchbox, and Jack needs shirts. Maybe a little something for Mommy too???

I am reading... nothing right now. The next book on my list, though, is by Pamela Ribon. Of course.

I am hoping... to get a nap this afternoon. My sleep during the night has been very tossy-turny and I’m not getting enough.

I am hearing... the kids fight over Vic’s birthday cake downstairs. I am not intervening because I don’t want any for myself. Otherwise, though, I’d be ‘punishing’ them for fighting. (Punishing = Mommy gets all the cake.)

Around the house... we’ve been finding more and more evidence that Casey is losing bladder control. It’s sad, but so very frustrating, too. I want to put a giant wee-wee pad down in every room.

One of my favorite things... is the fountain in our front yard. It makes a lovely sound, and it’s calming. When birds come to drink, all the better. It’s a sure sign that I’m getting old, isn’t it, when I can sit and watch water for long periods of time? Gah.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Jack’s swimming lessons, possibly some water aerobics for handicapped Jen, Mom and Gilly’s visit, blah blah blah. I wrote about this in my last post.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing:


Want to blog your own Daybook? Here’s the info: The Simple Woman’s Daybook.


  1. Oh you're just a fountain (get it?) of good ideas lately, aren't you? This is one I may need to rip off. I mean, borrow.

    Go kick butt at water aerobics, lady! And I hope you got that nap. xo

  2. Those cookies look delicious - eat some for me!

  3. I've taken a handful of water aerobic classes there. They were pretty fun. Don't mess with those pregnant women in the pool though, they are tough.


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