Aug. 6: IDCEAYWTPFriday

It’s Friday, and that means you get a post called I Don’t Care Enough About You to Write in Transitioning Paragraphs Friday.

  • This morning Katie and Jack stood and outside their rooms and argued. Jack said, “My [decorated] door looks cooler than your door.” Katie came back with, “My door is better organized.” Is that my girl, or what? Also, kind of a Miss Hospital Corners. So, y’know… yikes.
  • Gilly is here with us for a couple weeks while Mom gallivants around the Northwest. The neighbor kids know Gilly now that he’s been here several times, so he gets to have mini-reunions every time our doorbell rings, which he loves more than a little bit. Earlier this week we walked him over to Fancy Lori™’s neighborhood for a play date with her puppy, Fancy Charlie™. How well it went depends on who you ask. We two-leggeds loved watching the dogs romp and chase. Gilly seemed a bit stressed over Charlie’s occasional over-exuberance. Charlie liked messin’ with Gilly except when Gilly tried to get his treats. Then Charlie became Snarly Charlie™, and who could blame him? They were LIVER treats. We’re hoping to get together again before Gilly leaves for more bark-y fun.
  • Last night we came home early from dinner out with the fam because I was feeling so tired and needed to rest. About 20 minutes after I got home, Sunshine called and said she was kid-free and being impulsive and wanted to go to a movie. I got a burst of energy, I guess, because I got so excited to do something outside of my own house after 9:00, I said YES!!! without even thinking. Ten minutes after I got home I thought I’d collapse. I’m sure I’ll be paying for this adventure all day today, but it was tons o’ fun.
  • The movie we saw was Charlie St. Cloud, starring the very yummy Zac Efron. [Attention: if you are Sheila R, stop reading now or you’ll be sick. Everyone else is allowed to continue.] Sunshine and I both have the extreme cougar hots for Zac. I still haven’t figured out exactly what I thought of the movie, but I will say this: the lighting people did a VERY good job making Zac look all aglow in every scene. I imagine that’s how he and I would look in our everyday lives if I was 20 years younger and he met me and he loved me back and I had hair. Perfectly, attractively lit at all times. Yes, I’m quite sure.
  • Jack starts flag football next week. He’s been dying to do this. He thinks he’s already awesome at football and I don’t have the heart to tell him he throws like a girl. No, he throws like Nana. If she were Stevie Wonder. I don’t really care if he ends up sucking at football; I’m glad he wants to try and just hope it doesn’t turn into another soccer experience. Jack ROCKED at soccer but hated the game.
  • This was a week of eating in many restaurants. It was pretty great. Kim F’n, Sunshine and I had lunch out on Wednesday, and later Victor and I had date night. Yesterday Mom took us out to Biscuits Café for lunch—I had the OMG Eggs Benedict Corned Beef Hash (I added the ‘OMG’ because OMG, it was delicious)—and we belatedly celebrated Daryl’s birthday at yet another restaurant. So much good food! So much good company! Also, some tiny hands.

    I had the pastrami fries at Kenny & Zuke’s. I ate approximately one-third before I gave up. That’s some serious meat and potatoes there! Sooo good, though. Love that deli.
  • In spite of all appearances otherwise, I’ve been feeling pretty crappy this past week. I’m so, so tired. I’ve also been having more trouble with numbness and tingling in my left hand. I can’t lift heavy things, and my thumb is especially hard to use. I joked earlier about it being an iPhone injury, but have since changed the way I hold my phone and use the computer, and I’m still having the problems. Hopefully I can find some resolution next week at chemo. I don’t have an appointment to see the oncologist, but the chemo nurses can ask her questions for me anyway.
  • We have a busy weekend ahead. The kids are going to Grandpa & Grandma’s for one last sleepover with Presley tonight. Victor’s working both Saturday and Sunday, which is not so great, but that means he’ll have at least one day off next week. With all the hours being cut at the hospital, I guess it’s good that he has the chance to pick up an extra shift here and there. We have a wedding to go to Saturday evening. Mom will be back sometime on Sunday and will hang with us for a few days before venturing off yonder again.
  • Two of my favorite photos from this week:

Sunshine, me and Kim F’n having a girls’ lunch out
That there on either side of me are two of my favorite peoples!

Mother Mary is eating pig! PIG! And she’s not being struck by lightning!
(She always made me think I’d be struck by lightning if I ate bacon.)
(Because she used to be a little nutty.)

Have a great weekend! Many, many lovies—

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