Aug. 26: Hee haw

The rottenness of the past couple weeks continues, but as always, there are things here and there that make me smile—and sometimes, even laugh. I’m very thankful for those things, especially when they’re people. Ye know who ye be.

The Bloggess, one of my favorite bloggers, has also been having a rough go lately. (I just started to type out why, and it got me so bummed out, I couldn’t keep going. Just read the past several posts on her blog to find out, mmmkay? Thanks. Oh, and prepare to be totally bummed out like me. You’re welcome.) She appended her last post—about an unfortunate UPS delivery—with a reader comment that I absolutely LOVE:

This is what I like to do (besides black tar heroin) — Halloween time I buy one of those fake UPS or FedEx costumes and when either guy brings me a package I open the door in a rush and go “thanks I’ll take it from here!” and slam the door.  Will also get you a free pizza if you stock up on pizza company costumes. ~ Chris Illuminati

I’m off to find another distraction from the suckiness.

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