Aug. 1: Day 1 of 31DBBB

Today is Day #1 of a new exercise I’m trying. Nope, I’m not going to get ripped and muskully, I’m hoping to improve my blog. I ran across this 31 Days to Build a Better Blog thing and it sounded interesting, so I decided August was a good time to do it, what with having 31 days and all. Smart, no?

If you’re a blogger and interested in trying the exercise too, click the link above. You can buy the e-workbook or just do the tasks as posted on the ProBlogger’s site. I signed up for the exercise emails and get assignments every day that way. There are forums for each day’s task as well.

Day #1: Write an Elevator Pitch for Your Blog

Well, this sucks, because I’m already stuck. An elevator pitch? Doesn’t the name of my blog say what my blog is about? Here’s how the instructor defines “elevator pitch” (which actually comes from Wikipedia):

An elevator pitch is an overview of an idea for a product, service, or project. The name reflects the fact that an elevator pitch can be delivered in the time span of an elevator ride (for example, thirty seconds or 100-150 words).

My content of my blog is varied, but I’d say that it’s mostly silliness. It is best described as Stuff Jen Says, and that’s why I chose that name oh-so-many years ago. My tagline, “Today I shall be witty, charming and elegant. Or maybe I’ll say ‘um’ a lot and trip over things” is also a perfect description of the idiocy with which I lead my life. Suddenly I’m feeling like my blog really is a waste of bandwidth. Ack.

The instructor also says this:

If you’re fuzzy on what your blog is about it’s unlikely [that] anyone else will have much of an idea either.

Heh heh. Um. I’m not fuzzy on what my blog is about, but I’m fuzzy on how to describe it. I’m tempted to skip this task. But then the instructor says:

In fact almost every task that we’ll be doing in this next 31 days should flow from this task.


He suggests these starting points for for developing an elevator pitch:

  1. Solve a Problem or Need
  2. Define Your Audience
  3. Be Clear
  4. Keep it Short
  5. Stand Out
  6. Be Intriguing
  7. Be Energetic but not Hyped
  8. Consider Using a Question
  9. Be Ready to Expand Upon Your Pitch

Here’s my stab at applying these points to the content of Stuff Jen Says:

  1. I certainly don’t solve a problem with my blog. I think I might actually lean toward creating some. Pretty sure I don’t meet any needs, either, unless people want to feel better about their own blogs.
  2. My audience? Family and friends. Also, according to Google Analytics, very disappointed people looking for pictures of Zac Efron pantsless.
  3. I can be clear…
  4. …and keep it short, sure. I choose not to. I am wordier than wordy can word.
  5. Do I stand out? Nope.
  6. Am I intriguing? I can try to be. I didn’t mention my sister’s age in her birthday post yesterday; that makes me all mysterious and stuff, right? Makes you want to know more? Like how old she is? She won’t let me tell you. Sorry.
  7. Energetic? Rarely. Hyped? Often, but not in a good way.
  8. Why would I consider using a question?

    (Ha ha ha. See what I did there? I know, I’m hilarious.)
  9. I can expand on my elevator pitch, but I don’t know if it will help create more interest. It could definitely create more confusion or a desire to get off on the next floor as quickly as possible.

Ah, yes. That was worthwhile.

Is there a way that personal blogs can be excluded from the need for an elevator pitch? Is this 31-day exercise going to make me feel even worse about myself than I already do? Ugh. This might not be the exercise for me. Too soon to give up, though, so here’s my attempt at an elevator pitch about Stuff Jen Says:

Stuff Jen Says is exactly that. It’s about a girl who is clumsy and airheaded, who doesn’t always say the right thing but (usually) has good intentions in her heart. She shares stories about her much-treasured family and friends. She loves to laugh. She has an evil streak. She likes food. Coffee runs through her veins. She hates monkeys. She occasionally swears, most often at cancer. Stuff Jen Says is ultimately about a girl who loves her life and hopes she has many years of it yet to enjoy.


  1. You forgot to say your sister thinks you're neat-o

  2. Oh, that looks like a good idea. I'm not sure August is the month for me, but I will tuck that away for future reference... I'll watch your success and say I knew you when! Good luck.

  3. I might just have to join in on this, being a glutton for punishment and you know, not having enough to do already. I love your pitch, I think you nailed it!

  4. I love the pitch. I hear about the elevator pitch often in presentation skills and selling classes, and it's hard to do.


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