Sep. 16: Thursday Thunks #17

Thursday Thunks (TT) is a blog meme for those who need a little kick in the butt to find something to post about. Your blog posts/answers to TTs can be type or pictures, doesn’t matter! YOU pick, not us, we just give you the assignment (yep, just like English class... only we won’t grade your spelling and grammar).

  1. What number blog post is this for you?
    Had to look it up. Wow: #1670. Wow.
  2. You are driving down a road and your GPS says turn right, but the road has a “dead end” sign. You check your GPS and according to its map, there is a road at the end of the dead end road that you need to turn onto. Do you follow the GPS?
    Haven’t you seen that episode of The Office? I don’t trust my GPS very much in some situations; in fact, I’m quite sure Nigel Fingerbottom would like to drive me right into a lake because he’s always yelling “recalculating!” at me.
  3. If you had a $2 bill, would you spend it?
    Sure. It’s money, isn’t it? I like spending money.
  4. When there is nobody else around and you sneeze or cough, do you cover your mouth?
  5. Have you ever stopped to help a stranger with a flat tire?
    I don’t think I’d be much help. Beyond being able to identify the flat tire as flat, I know not one thing about changing tires. I’m a girl! Besides, isn’t that why we pay our AAA dues? (Which reminds me, I think I let ours lapse. Oops.)
  6. Have you ever ridden an elephant?
  7. Time to bitch and moan! What is your biggest complaint about your current friends on Facebook?
    For keeping up with the friends I really care about, FB is priceless. For the others, well… some of them are annoying as hell. Can I just leave it at that?
  8. School is back in session for all little girls and boys now. What in your life changes when kids go back to school?
    It’s certainly easier to schedule work for my clients—no need to arrange for child care—but what makes life much more hectic is my involvement with PTO. Things get crazy right after school starts, slow down for a while, then peak a few more times during the school year. Generally speaking, though, I like that the kids are back in school. When I’m at home, I love the house being so quiet for so many hours in a row.

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