Sep. 3: IDCEAYWTPFriday

It’s Friday, and that means you get a post called I Don’t Care Enough About You to Write in Transitioning Paragraphs Friday.

  • I’m tired. I got a big PTO mailing out this week and I think every last bit of my energy went into it. I’m completely exhausted and I need a really long nap.
  • Katie’s been at Kathy’s in Colorado all week. They’ve both texted and emailed photos every day, which have made me more and more jealous because I want to be there too. I’m thrilled Katie’s having fun with her auntie, though. She’s coming home tomorrow and two of the three of us are very excited to have her back.
  • I went into the school on Wednesday and was surprised at how nice it felt to be back there. Of course, PTO is a big social thing for me, so it *is* a blast—until I’m printing 4,257 letters and envelopes, in which case I’d really prefer not to speak of it again. Thanks.
  • We’re not going to talk about how many times I ate frozen yogurt at Divine this week. But it’s okay! It’s non-fat!
  • It appears that Mt. Ellis Academy is one of the winners in the Kohl’s Cares contest I wrote about yesterday. Looks like they even made it into the top ten. Hooray! If you voted, thanks; that $$ is really going to help the school.
  • We’ve watched old episodes of Hawaii Five-O a couple times this week. Spike TV is showing it to hype the new version. It’s hilarious how bad the acting is, how hideous the clothes are, and how often they shoot guns straight up into the air to get bad guys’ attention. But the theme song brings back memories of watching the show with my dad, so I enjoy every minute of the awesome bad-ness of the show.
  • I think I need this ketchup dispenser:

  • Remember when you could only get Mickey ears at the Disney parks? It was kind of a big show-off thing to have them, because it either meant you had been to a Disney park or someone had gotten them for you when they were there. They’re available at the online Disney store; it has all sorts of styles. The biggest deal is that you can order them personalized now—that was the one thing you couldn’t do even after they started selling the ears outside the parks. My sneaky little request would have been much easier had this feature been available years ago.

    You’ve heard that story, right? When I asked a girl in the ear store to sew “Satan” on Mickey ears? It was all for my friend Ed, who hates all things Disney and had told me that was something he’d always wanted.

    Going through with the request was one of my proudest and shameful moments of being a horrible, brave woman. Ed couldn’t believe I actually did it. I kind of still can’t believe it either.

    Victor was afraid to stand near me after that because he was sure I would be escorted out of Disneyland at any minute. That, or be struck by lightning. Neither happened. I’ve even returned without incident. So there.
  • The next couple days will be all about preparing for school to start on Tuesday morning. Organizing carpools, picking out first week attire, filling out forms and setting alarm clocks… what fun! I’m looking forward to some of it. Just some.

Have a safe holiday weekend! xoxo


  1. I still have (and cherish) the Mickey Satan ears.

  2. Laughing,I'm laughing....once again you make my day!

  3. When we went to Disneyland in June, they would not put nicknames on mickey ears.It was probably the "Satan ears incident" that changed their policy.

  4. Disney owes Jen for the broken tooth incident :). Can't remember what you were eating - a 'Disney Satan' burger??


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