Sep. 19: Hair watch #7, Day #131

Wow, these hair watch updates sure got boring fast, didn’t they? If you’re curious, my last update has links to the all the ones before it. Yaaaaaaawn

So, yeah. My hair’s been growing. It’s long enough now that I could go hat-less, but it looks way too ugly, so I’m still wearing hats. At this length, every cowlick and bald spot shows. I don’t want anyone wondering why I chose such an unattractive hairstyle; it’s all sticky-uppy in some places, and in others it’s as flat as can be. I don’t find it one bit amusing, so please stop laughing immediately.

Here’s the thing: my hair’s long enough to get hat-head, pillow-head, and a new one, which is scarf-head. This is pretty much what scarf-head looks like:

beforeThe several chins are an illusion. Yup.

Notice the weird looking curls and flat sections. Ugh. Today I decided I’d had enough. I went in for a clean-up trim. It seemed very strange getting a haircut at this stage—I didn’t think I’d get one for at least another few months—but it was a good decision. I’m all neat now.


Wow—I just noticed all that grey hair sticking out everywhere. I guess color will be my next big hair event. Seeing all those little hairs on my neck in the picture is making me all itchy right now. I need a shower.

Hopefully my next hair watch update will be me without a lid. That’d be pretty cool.


  1. I'm not just looks so good to me!! I love you AND your hair!

  2. I say hurray for haircuts and needing them!


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