Sep. 29: Things.

These are the things I walked by on my way to Sunshine’s house this evening:

  1. Many garbage cans. They did not smell good.
  2. A cookie, covered by ants
  3. A kitten that looked like a baby tiger but now that I think about it, mostly like a regular ol’ cat
  4. A porta-potty that appears to be a permanent fixture in someone’s backyard. Can’t possibly be against the homeowners’ association CC&R’s. Noooo.
  5. Eight houses. She lives only eight houses away. It’d be better if she was next door (Big Love!) but I’ll take eight. Eight’s good.


  1. I need to get out of my house more! You saw the kitten?!! I've been looking for it! My neighbor let me know, "You have a kitten" the other day and I've been watching for her. Aw!

    When we get our Big Love house, we're moving on your street. :)

  2. So which one of the husbands gets ditched in this Big Love scenario?


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