Sep. 22: Chemo #15

Yesterday was what we hope was my second-to-last chemo session. I’ve got one more scheduled for October 12.

I met with Dr. O yesterday, and she said we’ll do a PET/CT scan in November. I don’t think it’s actually scheduled yet. I just realized that when I left yesterday I went out the back door and didn’t stop at the receptionist window to get my next appointment card. Oops. Add a phone call to tomorrow’s to-do list, I guess.

I told Dr. O about the steroid injection in my hand, and she said I’m using my hands incorrectly blah blah blah… I asked why it would be causing so much pain now, and she said she didn’t know but was positive that it wasn’t related to the chemotherapy. coughBULLSHIT!cough. It is soooo related to the chemotherapy. But whatever. It should get better. SHOULD.

Actually, the trouble I’ve been having with my left hand is much improved since the steroid injection. It took a lot longer than a few days to take effect. I still have pain, but it’s not nearly as bad; I don’t feel like I’m going to drop things nearly as much as I used to. I really am trying to change the way I pick things up or hold them, so I’m sure that’s helping too.

Dr. O suggested a cool wine bottle opener and a jar opener. Never mind that I don’t drink wine and never ASKED for a suggestion. She also started in on a big long blathering about research showing that alcohol in moderation can be a good thing, though what makes it good could be lifestyle or actual physical benefits; no one really knows. Make sense? I didn’t think so either. But it was pretty funny how she went on and on about it, even after I told her that I don’t drink wine. I’ve decided I’m going to interpret her info as permission for me to get falling-down drunk every single day.

Ah, life just got really, really good.

I mentioned my dandruff problem, and she mostly blew it off. Told me to use Nizoral, which I’ve been using—it’s the shampoo I wrote about here. People are always telling me not to freak out about my dandruff, but I’m sorry. I can’t help it. I’ve never had dandruff, and now it’s just plain weird that I have all these flakes in my lap when I rub my head really hard. It doesn’t matter that there’s no need to rub my head really hard. Oh, just shut up. I have dandruff. DANDRUUUUUFF!!

June 2010 My new BFF Val was my chemo buddy yesterday. She was awesome. She brought tons of trashy magazines and we gossiped and solved the world’s problems and made fun of people and read naughty stuff out of Cosmo. I brought Mad Libs and forgot about them. I also brought Pop Rocks and forgot about them. And did we do pole dances? Forgot! We were too busy just having fun.

Listen, if you’re gonna get cancer, you need to make friends with my friends. They’ll keep you laughing all the way through it. They’ll cry with you when you need it. They’ll let you be angry and throw stuff. They are the best. Really.

Thank you, Val, for being my chemo buddy and for being my everyday pal, too. I ♥ you—so much!

However, I do not ♥ chemo and I do not ♥ cancer. I’m so looking forward to that PET/CT so we can celebrate OJ’s disappearance. He’s a big effer and I’ve had enough of him.


  1. You eventually WILL be a wine drinker if I have anything to do with it. :)

  2. Have you ever considered that you've always had dandruff, but never rubbed your head hard enough or had hair short enough to notice it? Just saying.

  3. I think your doctor might secretly be a lush and was looking for a drinking buddy.

  4. Have you ever considered that you've always had dandruff, but never rubbed your head hard enough or had hair short enough to notice it? Just saying.


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