Sep. 27: Daybook (and much more!)

(this is not actually me. I don't use a desktop computer.) My laptop is all farked up. Here’s what happened:

  1. The monitor part didn’t come on. This has been happening occasionally in the past couple weeks, but usually restarting it helps. This time I restarted four times and it still didn’t come on.
  2. I went downstairs and lugged up the monitor from the kids’ desktop computer, which hasn’t been connected to the computer because I can’t get the Internet working on it ever since we moved it downstairs and ask me how much I care because I don’t.
  3. I plugged the monitor in to my laptop and turned it on. My laptop finally came on. So did the monitor, but the screen was all wonky so I unplugged it. I was happy.
  4. My happiness was brief. The touchpad suddenly started going all jumpy and weird.
  5. I restarted.
  6. Still jumpy and weird.
  7. I went downstairs and lugged up the mouse from the kids’ desktop. Okay, not so much “lugged” as “carried.” Fine.
  8. I plugged the mouse into my laptop.
  9. Still jumpy and weird.
  10. I tried using the keyboard to navigate and type stuff. Every other keystroke worked. This made me look like a bad speller.
  11. I cursed and cursed.
  12. I used my PTO laptop to research the issue. Verdict: I think my personal laptop is on its deathbed. So now I’m being a bad non-profit organization treasurer and using non-profit organization resources for personal (albeit very important) use.
  13. I am sad.

Does this stop me from blogging? Only temporarily. I’ll still do my Daybook because I love you. Not really. Some of you, though. And your emails are still getting to me, but replying to them is difficult. Not impossible. Depends on how much I love you.


Outside my window... it’s overcast and dreary. Welcome to autumn in Portland. Blech. One of the few things I like about this season, however, is SOUP. I love soup weather. I love using the crock pot. This paragraph is making me hungry.

This weekend, I… did all that stuff above, a little cleaning, met with my fellow board members, and worked on forms and letters all the live-long day(s). Not super-duper fun. But it started out with a very happy and much-needed Happy Hour on Friday night, so it evens out. I hang with some awesome ladies.

I am thinking... that it’s gonna be a lot more of the same all week, but-cept for the Happy Hour. Unless I have my own Happy Hour. Hey! There’s an idea! Jen’s Happy Hour Every Night From 5pm to Close (We Never Close). I am sooo on it. You’re all invited.

I am thankful for... alcohol, or at least the possibility of alcohol. And those awesome ladies. Drinkin’s no fun without the awesome ladies. In fact, it’s kinda depressing without them.

I am working on... PTO things. Never-ending, I tells ya.

I am going... insane. You think I’m kidding? My brain is overflowing with school things and pushing important stuff out, like I can’t think of anything because I’m going insane. Why don’t you believe me?

I am reading... a lot of configuration options for the new laptop for which I now need to shop. The part I hate the most has a dollar sign in front of it.

I am hoping... to talk to my oncologist this week. I’m going to (nicely) demand a port.

I am hearing... dogs snoring. How is it that they spend the first ten minutes of my awakeness barking and snarling, and when I’m finally awake, they go back to sleep? Grrr, pups… very grrr.

Around the house... there are some newly clean spots that were cluttery for a very long time. I tackled a few this weekend, and am feeling all organize-y.

One of my favorite things... is when I’m all organize-y.

Plans for the rest of the week: it starts and ends (literally) with PTO.

Here are a couple images I want to share:


Want to blog your own Daybook? Here’s the info: The Simple Woman’s Daybook.

Once again, I leave you with my favorite quote from the Broadway musical Avenue Q. I think it’ll be my new sign-off. “We'll be fine, thank you! See ya! Hope you don't get gonorrhea!”


  1. I don't think you cursed enough. Really, it would have worked.

  2. Feeling your pain. Our computer bit the dust in August. STILL waiting for our replacement. Really wanted a Mac, but boycotting due to S. Jobs lame handling of iPhone issues (nope, not boycotting because Mac is twice the price or anything like that :)).


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