Mar. 12: We met the Curly Girl girl

This afternoon Sunshine and I went out on a date. It was more fun than a lot of dates I’ve been on lately, and I didn’t even have to put out. We went over to West Linn to meet an artist. I know that doesn’t sound all that exciting, but the artist is the one behind these designs:

Now you can see why we were so excited, right? I love this girl’s stuff. “This girl” has a name and it’s Leigh, and this is her web site and here’s her blog. Now you can know everything about her. We got there just as she was setting up, and I asked, “Are you Leigh?” She said yes, and I blurted out, “We LOVE you!” Yes, I get flustered when meeting talented people whom I admire (remember how I tempted Pamela Ribon to take out a restraining order against me?). I brought a magnet that Sunshine gave me (the snorting one above) for Leigh to sign, and I also bought some new art. We chit-chatted a little. Then it was Sunshine’s turn.

Sunshine had a 2010 wall calendar and showed Leigh all the appointments and important dates she’d marked. They talked about how people don’t write on calendars anymore; Sunshine’s all OLD SCHOOL and Leigh was super-impressed. She especially loved that Sunshine asked her to sign the calendar on a day where she’d written “pap smear.” That was pretty much my favorite part too.



(I know this photo’s all blurry and bad, but it was right after Sunshine asked Leigh to autograph “that” day. LOVE. IT.)

The store (Dragonfly Greetings & Gifts, one of the cutest stores EVER) had tons of different Curly Girl Designs products. I’ve always thought Hallmark had a decent selection, but Dragonfly had a bazillion different things. It was hard to choose what I liked best; everything Leigh makes is absolutely adorable. She even had drafts of some new Curly Girl designs that will be coming out in May. I can’t wait to get this one:


The store carries lots of other items, of course, and we couldn’t help shopping around. Sunshine got the “Table Manners” art below, and I bought the “Moms Rock” plaque for my newly-painted office/momma cave.

Yeah, we totally messed up their display with our purchases. They didn’t seem to mind.

A little somethin’-somethin’ at Willamette Coffee afterward, then a little more shopping. It was a perfect day with my Sunshine Girl.



  1. Jen, I could spend a day at her website and feel I'd been on vacation! What amazing creativity!!

  2. Good grief I'd be spitting mad with jealousy if I didn't love you so darn much. Ever since I saw your FB post about seeing Leigh, I've been thinking of you. Mostly nice thoughts, but sometimes, well, not so nice (that's the jealousy talking.)

    So glad you didn't have to put out. Whew.



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