Mar. 25: Super terrific happy thing #20

cardcubbyToday’s super terrific happy thing:

A card cubby!

My cousin showed me the coolest little organizer/wallet and I knew immediately I had to have one. Why? Because I like organizing and I really like buying myself stuff I don’t need. This little goodie was irresistible. I mean, LOOK AT IT. It’s an adorable little wallet-y thing with lettered dividers! Perfection.

Card Cubbies come in bunches of colors and designs (see them here). Some even have straps. Most measure 5”x3” and are about 2” deep, which means they can hold lots of cards. If your cell phone is small, it’ll fit in there too. There’s a clear pocket on the back and a zippered pocket inside.

I excitedly began to transfer my old wallet contents into the Card Cubby I bought last week. The filing process was trickier than I anticipated, though. Most things belong in an obvious place; my Albertsons card goes under “A” and my Starbucks cards go under “S.” But what about paper money? Does it go under “C” for cash? “D” for dollars? “M” for money? “N” for never enough? “P” for poker fund? See what I mean? Tricky.

cardcubbies(Since you’re undoubtedly on the edge of your seat waiting to hear where I filed my cash, you’ll be disappointed to know it didn’t get a special place. Or maybe it got the special-est place of all: it’s in front of the “A,” visible as soon as I unsnap. My debit card’s there too.)

Stress-inducing alphabetizing or not, I still think my Card Cubby is a super terrific happy thing. I got the red sweetheart one, and I love that it’s so bright and easy to find in my purse. I also like that it isn’t overflowing with a bunch of cards I rarely use, like my old wallet always was, and that now I can find those rarely-used cards when I need them. I’m less likely to lose gift cards when I have a good, sensible place to put them. Oh, and stamps! I lose postage stamps all the time, and now they’re right where they belong, under “S.” Yay!

Hold it. Should stamps go under “P” for postage? “M” for mail? “O” for old fashioned because who even uses postage stamps these days? Argh!

Thanks, Deanna, for introducing me to this fabulous wallet-y goodness! In my hierarchy of cuzzins, it puts you higher than ever. (Please don’t tell the others.)

Does Card Cubby have a Facebook page? You bet it does! Is there a good reason to “like” it? I CAN’T THINK OF ONE!


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  1. Oohhhh, that's right up my alley, if they have a limey green one I'm toast. I'm actually all breathless to go check out their site! and then I might need a larger handbag, yes,I'm quite sure I will.


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