Mar. 26: Day 6 of music meme

Day 6: A song that reminds you of somewhere

In February of 2007, Victor and I went to Florida (and a Disney cruise) to celebrate our tenth anniversary. It was a fabulous time, and the perfect way to mark the milestone. On the night of our actual anniversary, we went to Downtown Disney and ate at Wolfgang Puck Café, one of our favoritest restaurants in the world, then walked around Downtown Disney. I don’t remember if it was because of new construction or what, but there was a detour that sent everyone way out of the way to get from one side of DD to the other. It was Friday night, way-crowded, and as the evening went on it got harder to move amongst the crowd.

One part of the detour moved especially slow because a night club crowd had spilled out onto the promenade. It took several minutes to get through that area, and the music was incredibly loud and people would NOT move out of the way. It was one of the few times I’ve felt a touch surly while on a Disney property. It was also the first time I ever heard Gwen Stefani’s “The Sweet Escape.” As irritating as the crowd was, it was our anniversary, we were at Disney, we were hours from leaving for the Caribbean, and we were together.

The video is pretty dumb, but the song brings back a happy memory.

“The Sweet Escape” also makes a pretty good ringtone, and I used it for a couple years. When the kids hear it on the radio nowadays they say, “Mom! Your phone!”


P.S. Bonus: another Akon performance, this one much funnier (not for little ears).

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