Mar. 24: How’d them daffodils get thar?

daffodilsOK, people. ‘Fess up. I need to know how all the daffodils ended up in the median up and down Interstate 5. They’re too randomly spaced to be part of a beautification project. Or are they just a beautification project gone semi-horribly wrong?

If they were wildflowers (weeds) or other plants that grow from seeds, I would assume that people tossed seeds out into the median as they drove down the interstate. That’s a weird thing to do, but I suppose there’s nothing wrong with trying to pretty things up. And you’d think that it wouldn’t take much for those seeds to sprout and grow and spread. That’s what seeds typically do. But bulbs? When we plant bulbs in pots, it takes more than a little bit of digging and placement to get them just right. I would think that tossing bulbs out into a grassy median would not be the best way to get them sprouts-down and covered with 4-6” of dirt. (I follow directions, obvy.)

I Googled “daffodils on I-5” and got nothin’. I tried “daffodils median I-5.” I even tried “who the hell planted all the daffodil bulbs along I-5?” Still nothin’. I need an answer. I’ve been wondering this for a few years now, but driving the length of the state and back this week got me re-wondering. I think I might not sleep soundly until I know for sure.

Tell me you know. Tell me it.



  1. I'm guessing my neighbors did it. They got some mad planting skills. Here's another lil something to you remember when there was another "freeway" in the middle of I5 between Salem and Eugene. Why was it there? When did they expand I5? When did them officially remove the old I5? Is that why they planted the replace old I5?

  2. I should've previewed prior to posting...didn't mean to say when did them, meant to say when did THEY...

    P.S. I'm not previewing this one either...yeah, that's how I roll.

  3. A freeway in I-5? Like I-5 lite? Quasi-I5? I have no idea. But you might be on to something with the daffodil replacements. More studying must be done! (But I'm tired.)

  4. Maybe it was I-4.5. I-5 is an upgrade? The beta version had bulbs, but that feature is no longer supported or featured in the current version. Just guessin' here.

  5. God placed them there on Oct 22, 4004 BC.

  6. Val I am on that part of I-5 now! That was a mystery hope someone has an answer.

  7. My Mother in-law thinks that there was a horrible accident with a daffodil truck on the way to the annual festival. I too have been looking for the answer to no avail.

  8. BTW found your blog when I was once again googling I5 daffodils

  9. When I moved here a few years ago, a co-worker told me they initially were planted by a man who'd lost his wife to cancer. One of the last activities she was able to enjoy were car rides looking at spring flowers, so he and his family thought it'd be a nice tribute.
    Word caught on, others added to the bulbs over the years and voila!
    (But I'm still searching to confirm this, which is how I came upon your blog.)

  10. And.... still searching for an answer! My partner and I are having the discussion this day on our drive south out of Eugene, too, and she suggests maybe the fill dirt had bulbs in it? Eh, it's a theory...


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