Mar. 28: Daybook


Outside my window... there are tons of new blooms in the front yard—the daffodils, crocuses (crocii?), and hyacinths have all popped open, and the tulips are well on their way. It’s so cheery and lovely that even with the grey skies today, it seems like spring is on its way.

This weekend, I… enjoyed Poker Night with friends. It was a blast, as always. I remember a lot of loud talking and grabbing of Val’s boobies and way too many kids downstairs and at one point I looked down and all my chips were gone. Someone stole them, I just know it, because how else would they have disappeared? I spent all of yesterday recovering from Poker Night. Yep, this girl overdid it just a bit, but it was worth it. **

**It wasn’t actually worth it. I still feel like someone kicked my head in.

I am thankful that... we went to Medford last week. It was good to get away from home—it almost felt like being on vacation. Thanks for having us, Mom! We found a new bead store that we loved, and got to visit with Uncle Paul and Claire, Nana (stories later, I promise!), my favorite cousin Deanna, and GILLY GILLY GILLY.

I am working on... some new décor ideas for my office. See, I have these IKEA boxes:

…and I want them to look less boring. I found this paper (the photo is a super-duper close-up of the teeny-tiny print):

…that has the new wall color in it, and I hope to combine it with other colors to pretty up those plain white boxes. I’m not sure yet how it will all come together, but if it looks even halfway purty, you can be sure I’ll share a photo or seven.

I need to tell you about something I love: stamped metal jewelry. You know what I mean:

etsy has tons of it, and I am going to learn to do it too. I don’t think metal stamping can really be just a hobby—the supplies are far from cheap—so I might just have to start my own etsy shop. That’d be a darn shame, right? I found this site that tells all about metal stamping, and I’m very excited to get started! Can you just imagine how satisfying it will be to pound out letters on metal? The hammer! The noise! The dents in all my furniture! I predict my anxiety levels will decrease dramatically with the first strike.

I am kind of excited because… Fancy Anthony™ is talking about creating a Stuff Jen Says iPhone app! I have no idea what it’s supposed to do, but it sounds way cool, because, um… STUFF JEN SAYS IPHONE APP. Hello! Suggestions friends came up with while playing poker: a drunk Facebooking translator, a keyboard that creates gibberish, a breathalyzer that locks me out of Facebook if my blood alcohol content is above “legally shit-faced,” and I just realized all of the features have to do with me being a drunk. Hm. Not so excited all of a sudden.

A few plans for the rest of the week: work, a visit with Sarah Vowell tomorrow night, PTO thangs, more work. Tentative plans: daily naps. One can hope, can’t one?

Here is picture for thought I am sharing: It’s more art from Curly Girl Designs. I just can’t get enough of her creations.

Have a good week, my pretties.

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  1. I'm sure if I learned to play poker, it'd be my chips that would end up missing. {I suppose I shouldn't have said that to anyone that I'd consider playing with. . . Shoot.}

  2. Ohhh stamped metal jewelry is so pretty! <3 Can't wait to see what you make!

  3. LOVED having you and the creative spirit you left here!

  4. I too have been working on covered boxes for storage but more for making something pretty, right? I'll send you some sites that I came across with some good ideas. (Not that you don't already have great ideas)

    As for the stamped jewelry, Tom got me a stamping die cut tool thingy that I've been trying on washers and really simple things. Yes, the Etsy stuff is so much nicer and prettier. WooHoo!

  5. I'm a big stamped fan too. I have a couple of pendants with names (my men) on them... a couple of dog-tag style with my supposed "word of the year" on them... but I could always use more! Let me know when you start taking orders and/or want to experiment! I'm game!

    Glad you have some blooms! I am ready for a few of those... we're ever so close...

  6. I love the stamped jewelry idea. And I know that you can come up with some not cheesy things to stamp on them.

  7. I love the stamped jewelry idea. And I know that you can come up with some not cheesy things to stamp on them.


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