Mar. 29: Day 9 of music meme

Day 9: A song you can dance to

I dare you not to move while listening to this one. Just don’t waste your time watching the video—it’s incredibly stupid.

Sexyback, by Justin Timberlake

Because I find “funny” very often converts to “sexy,” I gotta share another reason I love this song: because Justin is one hilarious guy. Whether you believe me or not, watch these. I dare you not to laugh.

Here’s the uncensored version of “Dick in a Box”—not for little ears.

And some very funny Saturday Night Live sketches:



  1. love the immigrant tale video - too funny.

  2. I'm a big fan of Sexyback... had NO idea I could enjoy Mr. Timberlake that much... imagine me listening to that at high volume, with my riding mower going 90 mph, careening around my yard... Yep, *that's* bringing sexy back...


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