Mar. 14: Daybook


Outside my window... the sun is shining. Happiness. It’ll be overcast later, but I plan for the happiness to continue.

This weekend, I… worked on my office a little more. Did I mention that I painted it last weekend? I did. So now comes the fun part of putting it all back together. We moved two of the bookcases upstairs and Victor secured them to the wall (he doesn’t trust that I’d get out of the way if they fell over, I guess). I filled up the shelves with a selection of books. As I organized the books (by genre, not by color—I tried; I can’t!), I kept asking myself if I really needed them… so I made a stack of “fine, I’ll get rid of these books!” The stack wasn’t nearly as big as it should have been, but I filled up a large box for Goodwill. That’s at least a shelf’s worth. Yay me!

Oh yeah, this weekend I also met Curly Girl!

I am thinking... about going to Medford for a few days next week. We have no plans for spring vacation. How dumb is that? It’s like it just suddenly snuck up on me, six days off school to try to keep the kids ocupado. Vic has to work all week, so it’ll just be me and the kids traveling, which sucks, but it’ll still be more interesting than staying home all week.

I am thankful that... last week’s tsunami did relatively small amounts of damage along the west coast. Considering how hard Japan was hit, I’d say the long term effects of our suffering is MUCH smaller.

I am working on... a nervous breakdown with all I’ve taken on lately. I’m only kind of joking about that. I need to take advantage of my free time to refresh my soul, and my busy time to optimize productivity. Oh, and the Law & Order: SVU marathon. Can’t miss that.

My favorite word/phrase lately is... “crap on a cracker.” I especially like to yell it: CRAP ON A CRACKER!! Hey, it’s better than dropping an F-bomb in front of the ever-alert pre-teens in my house.

And speaking of crackers, I need to tell you about something I love: Cracked Pepper & Olive Oil Triscuits. This is kind of a big deal because I HATE regular Triscuits because they’re like eating shredded wheat cereal without milk (which I also hate, duh). Sunshine had mentioned these new Triscuits many times and I was kinda YEAH WHATEVER THEY’RE DRY AND GROSS but then I tried them once and now I love them. With a thin slice of sharp cheddar? Mmmmm. Or maybe a little melted cheese? Oh yes. Very yummy.

A few plans for the rest of the week: a work meeting, a fun meeting, a Silpada party, a PTO meeting, a basketball game, another restaurant night at CPK, and probably more high school reunion planning. Oh, and RECRUITING! Have y’all joined my Relay for Life team yet? You oughta. Right now there are just five members—my family and Val. I need more than five.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing: It’s art from Curly Girl Designs. I’ve decided I can’t pick a favorite, but there are definitely some that touch me in a special way, and this is one of ‘em.


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  1. As usual, quite the busy girl, you are. Good luck with the travel plans for you and the kiddies, organizing for the reunion, and your own Relay for Life endeavor; Tell everyone to save a little cash for mine this weekend! Got to walk. . .

  2. You are definitely keeping busy! Congrats on getting rid of some books, that's a task that awaits me very soon!

  3. OK Jen, I'm signing up for your team and I'm challenging Deanna to do it too. My intention is to walk with you, but if that can't happen I'll come up with $100 anyway....maybe more!


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