Apr. 17: I don’t get people sometimes

I’ve been holding this in for a few days now, not knowing whether I should blog about it. I finally decided I could. Maybe I shouldn’t, but that’s my call and I call YES. I shall blog about it. I shall blog about it because it’s ridiculous and WOW, people sure can be jackholes.

Here’s what happened:

A fellow parent at my kids’ school—and possibly a Facebook “friend” of mine—apparently thought a recent discussion on my Facebook wall was inappropriate and took it to the school principal.

My reaction upon hearing about this was not fear. It was fury, because, um, WTF? There’s stuff on my Facebook wall that kids shouldn’t see, it’s true. But I’m not FB friends with grade-schoolers, so if my wall is PG-13 or R-rated, no biggie. I’ll post just about anything on my wall; the “TMI” line is far, far in the distance. The only thing I’m super-careful about when posting on Facebook is spelling and punctuation errors, because GOD FORBID.

Anyhoodle, my guess is that this particular conversation was shown to the principal because I am on the PTO board, which means some people think I am held to a higher standard than other parents. Excuse me—I must laugh for a very long time now.

Still laughing. Sorry, it’s just so damn funny!

OK, I’m done.

As a member of the PTO executive board, I try to do good things for the school. Due to budget cuts, I volunteer my time to work on projects that wouldn’t get done otherwise. Along with a lot of other volunteers, I break my back fundraising so kids can have fun family nights at the school, field trips are cheaper, the library can get new books, we can show our teachers we appreciate them, and more. Being on the PTO executive board does not make me any better than other parents at the school. It doesn’t make me any more of a role model than another parent either. I’m just a mom. If I wanted more recognition for the PTO-related work I do, I’d find a real job, because as far as I know, I can’t pay my mortgage with the smiley “Hi, Mrs. Manullang”-s I get when I walk down the halls at school.

So, since *I* don’t think I’m anything special, why would anyone else? Why would a conversation on MY Facebook wall be any more deserving of a second look than a similar conversation on another parent’s Facebook wall?

Did it have to do with illegal activity?


Did it have to do with school?


Was it inappropriate?

For a school bulletin board, yes. For my Facebook wall, no.

Did it make me look like a bad role model?

Maybe. Maybe not. I suppose that depends on your point-of-view, or more importantly, IF YOU HAVE A FRIGGIN’ SENSE OF HUMOR.

Did I get spanked for it?


I hope you’re happy, Humorless Fellow Parent. I don’t know what kind of good you thought you were doing, but you wasted the principal’s time and you angered a lot of people with your jackassery. If you expect me to censor myself for you, guess again.




  1. Good freaking grief. (Took deep breath before proceeding. Yes, me. I'm sure you're fine.)

    OK, that is wild. Yeah for you for blogging about it, you Honest Girl, you. And I hope you know where the un-friend button for this person is, right?!

    Head high, missy. Carry on.

  2. I just commented on another FBer's thread that I was amazed at some parents stupidity. My 10 year old is in a middle school lab, and for this last section running through the end of the school year, they're studying the human body. I've come across people who won't borrow from the library, or buy books that discuss the reproductive system. I'm scratching my head about how we'd leave that bit out of an anatomy book, but apparently these parents think otherwise. At some point, these people should just be slapped, but I doubt that would knock any sense into them.

  3. I'm still laughing...because I've been tattled on too (thankfully, not spanked either). WTF people...mind your business!! I'm glad you blogged about it btw!

    And...to Shevaun...I'm thinking their kiddos will be the ones that get pregnant at 16 (just a hunch).

    Clearly, I don't even worry about punctuation on MY FB, or there'd be a lot less ......


    P.S. I do think you're better than me. You're on the PTO board after all! ;)

  4. Am I the only one that wants to know which FB post this person took to the principle?

  5. The Clackamas internet patrol is working OT! I'm envisioning Allison Janney (in Hairspray) peeking at your FB page over her cat eye specs with a crooked grin on her face - hee hee!


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