Apr. 7: Day 18 of music meme

Day 18:  a song that you wish you heard on the radio

Maybe I wouldn’t love Forever Young by Alphaville so much if I heard it more often, or maybe I would. It’s one of those (like this one) that, within seconds, takes me back to a happy place of my youth.

As much I love the song, the video is much less wonderful to me. I hate when directors try to be all artistic and statement-y with music videos. Get over yourself!


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  1. Ah, Alphaville. I love it when music brings back fun memories... I have a few of those too... maybe I will have to do this music meme one of these days... it's certainly been fun to read as you go along.

    And yes, I agree on those 80s music directors... Alphaville certainly knew how to hire the winners. My current fave song of theirs (Big in Japan) is a real doozy in the video department!


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