June 19: Thursday Thirteen #1

Alright, here’s my first stab at the Thursday Thirteen.

13 new words to try out

I tend to over-use certain words in my writing. I am not proud of this and hereby promise to put more effort into peppering my posts with new-and-improved descriptions. Here are thirteen of these over-used words and some possible replacements.

  1. Cool/awesome: splendid, ace, capital, breathtaking, magisterial
    “Our long-awaited sunny weather is splendid.”
  2. Bad/crappy: abominable, rank, frowzy,
    “The refrigerator was frowzy beyond belief. I am totally going to fire that maid.”
  3. Mean/evil: demoniacal, viperous, ogreish, detestable
    “Grandma was even more demoniacal during our last visit than she was on Christmas Day.”
  4. Love/adore: worship, revere, exalt, cherish
    “My husband is to be revered, as he reminds me frequently.”
  5. Hate: despise, loathe, revile
    “I loathe being reminded that I should revere my husband.”
  6. Favorite: pet, choice, darling
    “When the son is a despicable grouch, the daughter is easily our darling.”
  7. Beautiful: captivating, fetching, heavenly
    “The diamonds my husband gave me for no reason whatsoever are captivating.”
  8. Unattractive: beastly, repellent, toady
    “The neighbor’s yard upkeep is repellent, but it makes ours look less beastly.”
  9. Delicious/yummy: gustable, ambrosial, nectareous
    “The new chef they hired for us prepares perfectly ambrosial meals.”
  10. Sweet/nice/loving: winsome, fetching, precious
    “Because ‘precious’ is typically reserved to describe ugly babies, I’ll use ‘fetching’ more frequently.”
  11. Naughty: disorderly, ill-behaved, obstreperous, ungovernable
    “The children were particularly obstreperous when I was sleeping off my hangover this morning.”
  12. Child: moppet, nipper, bantling
    “Whoever said nippers should be cherished never tried to sleep off a hangover with them in the next room.”
  13. Eager/excited: bursting, athirst, agog
    “I am bursting to use these words in my future writing adventures.”


  1. Great idea for a post. I do the same thing and use Great, Awesome, Fun and Very Cool way to much. Happy TT.

  2. Great list Jen, I have the same problem and need to bust out that Thesaurus more often. If I can scrape the 6 inches of dust off the top that is. Welcome to TT!

  3. The English teacher in me liked this a lot. The tired woman in me felt overwhelmed that my word choice had devolved into such baseness. hehe

    I love the word "moppet." And I love moppets....and MUPPETS!

    Happy TT!

  4. Great list. I'm going to see how many of the words I can incorporate into my day tomorrow.

  5. I love your list...and the signature you put at the end of your posts. :)

    Happy TT!

  6. Can I first say that I love your blog template? Did you do it yourself?

    My list of words would be obstreperous, it's just the way I am.

    Thank you for stopping by, the whole drinking coffee in a moving car can be challenging.

  7. Thanks for the splendid comments!

    Jenny McB, I created the graphic on the top in Photoshop and the rest is just a very tweaked Blogspot template. I worship CSS. :)


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