Aug. 10: One World One Dream

It was an Olympics weekend at our house. That is to say, we sat on our arses and watched young, athletic people do what we cannot. Here are my thoughts so far about the summer games:

  • Vancouver would be wise not to try to top Beijing’s opening ceremonies. Because did you see them?
  • How do the American athletes not bawl their heads off when they play our anthem? (Or am I the only one?)
  • Women’s beach volleyball is only an Olympic sport to get more viewers. Not complaining, just stating the obvious.
  • Here’s one of the few pictures of Dubya that makes me laugh and not cringe.

    They said he’s the first sitting U.S. president to attend a beach volleyball competition at the Olympics—shocking that Clinton never fit that event into his busy pants-dropping schedule, eh?
  • Speaking of good uniforms, the only guys in the entire world who look decent in Speedos? They’re wearing pants or bodysuits. I call shenanigans.
  • Handball? Trampoline? Badminton? Table tennis? Wuh-huh? When did stupid time-wasters you play in your driveway or front yard become competitive? I didn’t realize there were even real rules to some of these, much less competitive standards. Sorta explains how synchronized swimming still exists as an Olympic sport, I guess.
  • Sometimes I wish Bob Costas would shut the hell up. Really, Bob. Shut it.

The U.S. is in first place in the Olympics medal count, but China has more golds than we do. Which brings to mind one of my favorite quotes from The Simpsons:

“People, people, please, you are forgetting what the Olympics are all about: giving out medals of beautiful gold, so-so silver, and shameful bronze.”


  1. Did ya catch Costas' interview with the Idiot-in-Chief last night? When Bob prefaced a question by stating something along the lines of, "Given all the problems America is facing right now,..." the first words of Shrub's response were, "Well, I don't think America is facing any problems."

    You meant other than the housing market collapse, gas prices at historic levels, unemployment on the increase, the fact that people are earning less than they did 8 years ago, and of course, we're spending trillions of our kid's money and killing and maiming thousands of people in a war we didn't need to fight and you lied to us so we'd support it? Yes, setting those issues aside, America is doing great! Now, just go shopping.

    5 months, 9 days...

  2. I usually 'mute' when I see W's face but I was so taken aback by Bob Costas' way-too-dyed hair. Is it always like this and I just noticed it in the Olympic-HD-Over-the-Top atmosphere? It's his hair, right? I wanted to look away but couldn't...

  3. I can so relate to the Olympic butt! That's what we've been sitting on too, down here on the coast... beach, what beach? It's been gray, foggy, rainy, etc., so it's been a perfect excuse to catch up on the Korean archery team and the Brazilian women's volleyball... currently glued to the Columbian weight lifters...

    Your Simpson's quote made me laugh--very much like Seth's assessment, which is that the order is Gold, Loser, Loser. I've tried to impress on him otherwise, but can't help but laugh anyway...

  4. Dan--didn't catch the interview but my reaction would have been exactly the same. Every time that d-bag Bush speaks without a script he makes an even bigger idiot of himself.

    Lori--I'm watching on an old TV and still think Boob's hair is scary-dyed, so it can't just be the HD. He's starting to get that Dick Clark non-aging look. Who made a deal with the devil? Who?

    Sher--Gold, Loser, Loser. Love it! Seth caught on quickly! (Hope the weather improves before you have to leave, BTW...)

  5. "One World - One Dream" is a great public relations slogan, but what does it mean?

    I see also that the Beijing Olympics has appointed an Esperanto translator and that CRI now broadcast in Esperanto.

    What does this mean?

    I noticed this at

  6. Or, another Homer quote seems apropos...

    "Second place means you're First Loser."


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