Aug. 16: Never give him up

Dan sent me this (thank you!!) with a note that said “It’s looking like Obama/Astley ‘08!” My first thought was OH NO, I don’t know who this Astley guy is and I feel so out of it. Then I watched the video. Turns out I do know this Astley guy, and I loooove(d) him. This. Is. Awesome.


  1. omg that's some funny stuff!

  2. I saw this last week while on vacation and had a huge flashback to 1986! Ha. Showed it to Seth and it was mostly lost on him, go figure. Love it!

  3. The flashback should have been to 1987, apparently. Did a moment of research! Still, good times, those '80s...

  4. Glad you liked it. But, I have to say that Beaker's version, backed up by the Electric Mayhem, is better. You decide.


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