Aug. 8: Ginormous puppy

Gilly, my mom’s dog, is staying with us right now. We don’t know what breed he is, but think there’s at least a little bit of Great Dane in him. He’s huge. Sweet boyHe’s especially huge next to our two dogs (a Beagle and rat terrier). Scout and Casey make enough noise for a dog twice Gilly’s size, but they are small dogs. When they jump on us they do not knock us over. They do not weigh more than we do. They can only get things off the table if they jump onto a chair and then the table, not just stand next to the table and rest their nose on it.

It’s Hanging with the Webkinz and Jacktaken some getting used to, having such a big dog around. Making it even worse is that Gilly has no idea how big he is, nor how much our dogs hate him. He’s about a year old and still very puppyish, very curious. Every move Scout and Casey make, he’s standing right over them, checking out whatever they’re doing. Gilly seems to be a smart boy, but he has not yet figured out what Scout and Casey’s snarls and snaps mean. I think he thinks he can make them fall Modeling the Little Mermaid wigin love with him. He’s so very, very wrong because I know that will never happen. Casey’s been with us three years and still hates Scout as much as ever.

So tensions are a teence high.

Katie and Jack are having a ball, though. They think Gilly’s a big noisy toy. He lets them dress him, goes along with whatever game they want to play, and comes immediately when they call his name. I swear, the dog even smiles. He’s a very sweet boy, full of as much love as energy.

Gilly's cuddling flattens KatieClick the pics for a little bit larger view of Gilly’s adventures at the House of Manullang.


  1. I love him so much I could burst with sisterly pride!!

  2. I love him so much I could burst with sisterly pride!!


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