Aug. 7: Thursday Thirteen #8

Thursday Thirteen time again. Even if you don’t participate yourself, follow the link—you may discover some fabulous blogs.

13 random things that sometimes enrage me

  1. Waking up with a headache. It just says, “Hey, Jen! Your day’s gonna suck!”
  2. The doorbell. It rings all day. It’s not that I mind visitors or that our doorbell is an especially unpleasant sound. It’s the reaction of our dogs, who bark for five minutes straight, that makes me want to scream. (And sometimes I do.)
  3. The smell of natto filling my house. Victor and Jack both like natto, which is garbage. More specifically, it’s fermented soybeans and is slimy like mucus and smells like ass. I am not kidding.
  4. People merging on the freeway at 40mph. This does not work, people. It creates traffic jams and you will get flipped off. (Though not by me; my interaction with other drivers is limited to things that are not likely to get me shot.)
  5. Reruns in prime time. I pay good money for… oh wait, I don’t pay anything at all. But I still hate reruns when there should be new episodes of my favorite shows.
  6. Zits. WTH? I’m almost 40 years old. I rarely had zits as a teen but I’m more than making up for that now.
  7. People driving/walking like no one else is around. I don’t know how people can be so completely oblivious to their surroundings. Use your turn signal. That’s the bike lane, genius. You’re blocking the doorway. You’re driving 45mph in a school zone. The light is green, so MOVE.
  8. Forgetting my cell phone. Every time I leave the house without it, I’m sure I’ll get a flat tire or worse. When I have my phone with me, of course, I rarely need it.
  9. Ann Coulter. Words cannot express how rude, ignorant and horrible she is.
  10. Traffic in non-rush hour times. I don’t plan for this, and I’m always running behind—which, yes, I know is my own fault.
  11. Skips in my CDs or DVDs. Might as well just throw them away. I’ve never found a repair product that really works. Of course, maybe if I stopped storing my CDs with the sandpaper…
  12. An hour-long wait for a table when I’m really hungry. Why does everyone else want to try this new restaurant at the same time as me? Oh, because it’s new? And they’re all hungry too? Dang.
  13. My husband’s habit of leaving drawers and cabinets open. As accident-prone as I am, is it any wonder I am always running into the drawers and cabinets he’s left open? I don’t know why he can’t close them but I’m pretty sure he’s trying to kill me.

What makes you want to kill someone? Leave your aggravations in a comment or your own blog. Happy Thursday!


  1. Oh my gosh, I can relate to so very many of these! Except that I really and truly do *love* nattou. It can't be helped after what Japan did to my palate. ;) Fun 13!

  2. Those are hilarious. And I agree with you on them.

    Happy TT!

  3. So many of these enrage me as well, only reminds me of why we're friends. The adult acne is driving me crazy I had great skin as a teen, now it's out of control. It seems to be worse when my blood sugar is uncontrolled so there's that - I'll blame it on the diabetes! Gee I store my cds/dvds with the sandpaper as well, I thought that was a good idea? Great list Jen, happy TT!

  4. ditto to many, many of them... great TT

  5. Your list was fabulous. However, something that enrages me is heat. If I am too hot, I am pissed off. The end.

  6. 1, 2, 5 & 8.....yep those are mine too! Especially #2 I have 3 dogs and my friends know not to ring the door bell!

    Have a great T13, thanks for stopping by.

  7. Great list, I do not know about the soybeans......but I do have dogs that can bark for a good long time......Beagles....say no more.

  8. Yep, I started the day with #1 today. I really agree with you on #6 and #7 too. Fun list.

  9. # 13! My husband leaves drawers and cabinets open all the time. It drives me crazy!

  10. One of mine is being the reverse character in #13. Sometimes I leave drawers/doors open when I'm busy and in a hurry, and my husband stands there and complains about it rather than just CLOSING it!

    My cell phone piss-off is people who have loud conversations on them in public places. I really don't want to know about their last date, their dinner plans or their hemorrhoids!

  11. Good list - I agree with a lot of these as well! Especially... 4, 6, 7, and 8. :)

  12. oh I am so with you on oh so many of those. It must be a man thing because my husband is also incapable of closing a drawer or cabinet.

    Happy TT!

  13. What a great TT - I agree with them all - mine is the standard - why can't anyone replace the toilet paper roll - I hate drip drying. Thanks for stopping by to see my TT of toilets

  14. Too funny, and true. Great list. Happy TT.

  15. Ha, great idea for a TT! I hate when my kids put clean laundry in the dirty laundry basket. Makes me crazy.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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