Aug. 2: A milestone

Big, big day for us this past week. Katie got her ears pierced. She’s wavered between being too scared and very excited for months, and I was surprised when she actually went through with it.

A little nervous, but insistent she wants to do it

Squeezing the life out of her new HSM bear

Suddenly not so sure about this...

She’s eight years old, probably a little young in many moms’ opinions. I think letting her get her ears pierced at eight years old is my rebellion at not having been allowed to get my ears pierced EVER, or at least when parental consent was required.

I got my ears pierced when I was 20. I tried to hide it from my mom, but she immediately noticed and snarkily asked, “What’s next?” as though it was my first step into a life of debauchery and I was well on my way to multiple tattoos and an imprisoned fiancée named Shovelly Joe.

This was nothing, though, compared to her reaction to Kathy getting her ears pierced a few years before I did mine. Can we say “sackcloth and ashes”??? Mom was so angry and disappointed, she didn’t talk to Kathy for a week. I think she had the same reaction when she found out we’d been going to movies in theaters. Didn’t she raise us better than this?

(Oh, those crazy SDA rules... Mom, we can forgive you for these things but we will never, ever forget. We will also not let you forget what a nutjob you were back then... heh heh...)

Approximately 20 years after Kathy and I desecrated our lobes, Mom got her own ears pierced. We daughters could’ve gone the “angry and disappointed” route, but our new-and-improved Mom would’ve probably just flipped us the bird.

When Katie called Grandma Mary the other day, Grandma was “soooo excited!!!!” to hear about her ears. I think she’s overcompensating for the guilt she tried to lay on me and Kathy all those years ago. I can’t decide if I feel resentful or relieved about this.

Katie can’t stop looking in the mirror, and I love that she’s so proud of herself for going through with it. No regret and no shame, just like it should be.


  1. Oh my gosh! She looks so grown up in that last picture. Taylor was also 8 when she got her ears pierced and her 'NeeNee' gave ME the LOOK when she found out (similar to the look of disgust and disappointment I got from her when I finally took the plunge at the ripe old age of 35!!!). Gotta love that SDA upbringing.

    Way to go Katie!!! :)


  2. I'll not grovel for the past. My mental health diagnosis will suffice. But we can celebrate that it's not the same for this generation!!!! And whoever doesn't get it--you're missing out on quality!

  3. Some of us even felt compelled to be on distant continents when this momentous event took place, way back when. And yes, a decrepit 20 years of age as well... Surprised I didn't catch something, being in Sydney and all...

    Congrats to the lovely young lady! May she know the joy of jewelry shopping for many years! Nothing like a little shiny pretty to lift the spirits on occasion...


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