Aug. 12: Dedicated to the one I love

I stole this “All About My Husband” meme from Jen at Momma Blogs a Lot.

What is his name? Victor

Who eats more? He does

Who said I love you first? I think it was me

Who is taller? He says I am, I say he is. Safe to say I wore ballet slippers at our wedding.

Who drives most when you are together? Vic does. He’s a safe driver and I don’t freak out when he’s behind the wheel. The only time I wish I was driving is when we’re in a hurry and he stops for every yellow light, won’t pass a jackass that’s driving under the speed limit, etc. But that’s when I not only wish I was driving, I want to shove him out of the car and speed off without him because he’s totally infuriated me.

Who’s more sensitive? I pretend to be but I don’t think I’m any more sensitive than he is

Who does the laundry? He does. He even hangs my clothes that don’t go in the dryer.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? He does

Who pays the bills? We’ve gone back and forth on this and can’t find a good solution. Right now we both do, but it’s confusing and I think one of us will take on the whole thing again soon.

Who cooks more? I hate everyday cooking so Vic ends up doing a lot more of that than I do. But when it’s a special occasion, I run the show.

Who is more stubborn? Definitely me

Who is the first to admit they are wrong? I’m the one that needs to more often. But when Victor has to say he’s wrong—or when I get the privilege of pointing out his wrongness—I love to dance around and sing about it for a good hour or two.

Who has more siblings? Two brothers and a sister on his side, one sister on mine

Who wears the pants? Victor does, OF COURSE (you know that’s not true, right? But I shouldn’t totally emasculate the guy...)

What do you like to do together? Our evenings often involve sitting at our laptops in front of the TV. So boring and nerdy. When/if we leave the house, we like trying new restaurants, going to our Broadway in Portland shows, hanging out with friends. We travel very well together and especially enjoy our Disney vacations.

Who eats more sweets? We both love sweets

Guilty pleasures? Animated Disney movies. Food.

How did you meet? Our story is best told here

Who asked whom out first? This is impossible to say; we were friends for such a long time before we started dating. The transition from going out as buddies to going out as girlfriend/boyfriend is indistinguishable.

Who kissed first? It was mutual—on a dare over dinner with a bunch of friends, we stood up and kissed across the table. We have pictures.

Who proposed? He did. Even got on one knee. It was a perfect moment.

His best features and qualities? He’s a safe driver! Sense of humor, for sure. Vic is very gentle and kind—to me, our kids, our pets. He’s polite. People like him—he’s not a jackass. He doesn’t complain often, and I’m quite sure being married to me sometimes makes him want to. His family is fabulous. Yep, I think he’s pretty great.

Tell me all about your spouse in a comment, or steal this meme for your own blog.


  1. Oh see you nailed the "who is the first to admit when they are wrong" question - that's really what I meant, in that he almost never has things to apologize for or to be wrong about...

    Your husband sounds like quite a catch! :)

  2. What is his name? Mathew

    Who eats more? Mathew

    Who said I love you first? Mathew

    Who is taller? Mathew

    Who drives most when you are together? Mathew does unless he has had a drink. I am the official designated driver in our family.

    Who’s more sensitive? I am.

    Who does the laundry? I do. I am a work-at-home mom, and I prefer to do the laundry my way anyway.

    Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? It is officially Mathew's side, but lately it depends on who doesn't want to sleep next to the baby in the bassinet on the left side of the bed. She is a noisy sleeper, so she tends to keep one or both of us awake.

    Who pays the bills? I took over the bills full time when Mathew was stationed in Korea in 1997. Since he has had to go overseas and travel so much, it just made more sense. Now I have complete control! :D

    Who cooks more? Mathew has been cooking most of the time. When I was pregnant, he cooked all the time. I was so sick of being on that diabetic diet, I did not feel like trying to come up with a meal.

    Who is more stubborn? Oh, that's me.

    Who is the first to admit they are wrong? When we do disagree, which is not very often, Mathew usually admits he is wrong first.

    Who has more siblings? I have three brothers and two sisters. Mathew has two brothers and one sister.

    Who wears the pants? Mathew wears pants or shorts every day. Oh, if you mean who is in charge, then that would be me.

    What do you like to do together? We like eating out, going to movies, reading (quiet time), spending time with our kids, and going on vacation to Ambergris Caye, Belize.

    Who eats more sweets? I do. Hello?!!?!? I just finished a diabetic diet riddled pregnancy.

    Guilty pleasures? Starbucks, great food, and each other, of course!

    How did you meet? We were both stationed in the Army at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. We lived on different floors of the same building. One Saturday I went down to put my clothes in the dryer. I had my back to the door, and Mathew came in so quietly that when he opened the dryer door right behind, he scared the bejeezus out of me. I do admit to seeing him at the gym before that, and I admired his very sexy legs.

    Who asked whom out first? Mathew asked me out first.

    Who kissed first? I think he kissed me first.

    Who proposed? We were in Springfield, MO, for Mathew's 27th birthday (Valentine's Day). Right before we went to dinner, he gave me a wrapped gift. It was an issue of Bride Magazine. I was confused, until I looked up and he had the ring box open in his hand. He asked, and of course I said yes.

    His best features and qualities? Mathew is the kindest, most compassionate person I know. I know noone who does not like him. He is intelligent and dedicated. He is retiring after 24 years in the Army. He is a great leader and a great soldier. He has a baby face that I absolutely love to look at.

  3. Found your blog through TT. This meme is great. Sounds like you have a super hubby who spoils you. Is it ok with you if I use this and post it on my blog?
    Hopefully you´ll come by and read it... :)

  4. What is his name? Alan

    Who eats more? He does. I would hope, as he's bigger than me!

    Who said I love you first? It was him. It surprised me.

    Who is taller? Well, he's 6'3"... I'm not!

    Who drives most when you are together? He does. I have gotten very spoiled so I don't like road trips without my chauffeur!

    Who’s more sensitive? I have become more so in my old age.

    Who does the laundry? Me. He misses it. But I like doing it and have the time... Nobody folds like Mom... but I'm teaching the little guy.

    Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Which way are we looking at it? While we're in it? Then he's on the right.

    Who pays the bills? Me.

    Who cooks more? Me.

    Who is more stubborn? Probably a toss up. Both fairly good at compromising though. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it, anyway!)

    Who is the first to admit they are wrong? Probably me.

    Who has more siblings? We each have one--him a sister and me a brother.

    Who wears the pants? Hmmm, I try not to think in those terms... isn't this a partnership?

    What do you like to do together? We both like travel and reading and internet stuff. We have some similar media tastes, but diverge quite a bit as well. We both enjoy out-of-doors stuff--walking, yard work, that sort of thing.

    Who eats more sweets? Pretty close to the same. Maybe a bit more for me...

    Guilty pleasures? Food. Weekend naps.

    How did you meet? At work. But it's a much longer story than THAT sounds...

    Who asked whom out first? Technically it was me. Gutsy girl.

    Who kissed first? Him.

    Who proposed? Him.

    His best features and qualities? He
    is kind and thoughtful and very generous. He is a fabulous stepfather to Seth, which always makes me tear up! He cares about all living creatures in a really sweet way that I have a hard time relating to... He is truly a quintessential good guy. I am very lucky!

    He is what Seth and I call "always prepared;" if you need directions, tools or equipment for some project, a bandaid, flashlight, matches, you name it, he's got it tucked away somewhere (not ON him, of course, but nearby). He likes to have options and back up in case of emergency. Loves self-reliance--ready for anything in case of natural disaster!

    That's my guy!

  5. What is her name? Kim

    Who eats more? Me

    Who said I love you first? I did

    Who is taller? Me

    Who drives most when you are together? We share the driving.

    Who’s more sensitive? I'd say we're about even in that category.

    Who does the laundry? We both do (but I do a better job of it!!!)

    Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Assuming when we're in it, I do.

    Who pays the bills? Me.

    Who cooks more? It's about 75% Kim, cause she's way better at it.

    Who is more stubborn? She is.

    Who is the first to admit they are wrong? I am (see above).

    Who has more siblings? Tied with one each.

    Who wears the pants? I do, but Kim picks them out.

    What do you like to do together? Movies, walks, working in yard, cycling, dining out, spending time with friends and family, travel.

    Who eats more sweets? Hands down, it's Kim.

    Guilty pleasures? Heh...I'll never tell!

    How did you meet? Believe it or not,

    Who asked whom out first? She approached me.

    Who kissed first? I kissed her.

    Who proposed? Yours truly.


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