Aug. 13: Love and marriage

Yesterday drove to Salem and back (happy birthday, Theo!). On our way home there was a big wreck on I-5 so we hopped over to 99E and took it all the way up to Oregon City. Have you ever wondered where the scariest of Clackamas Town Center shoppers come from? I’m pretty sure they live in those little towns on 99E between Salem and Oregon City. Yikes.

Jack just got back from a week at my mom’s so he and Katie had a lot of bickering to catch up on. They made the most of their time in the car doing exactly that, which made a fairly short journey seem almost unbearably long for the people in the front seat. This was one of their more entertaining conversations:

Jack: You want to marry Jacob
Katie: You want to marry Julianne
Vic and Jen, nearly in unison: NO MARRYING YOUR COUSINS!
(slight pause)
Jack: I’m going to marry Mommy
(I'm thinking, how sweet is my little boy???)
Katie: I’m going to marry Daddy. haHA! I get to marry the good one. The funny one.

Tell me. What the hell makes Vic “the good one”?



  1. And by the way, what has happened to Clackamas Town Center?! My goodness, is there some Washington Square-envy going on there or what? Sincerely miss the ice skating rink...

  2. Yes, Clackamas Town Center is quickly becoming the poor man's Washington Square. Lovin' the big B&N, Claim Jumper and Macaroni Grill, but still no Cheesecake Factory, dammit.


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