Aug. 1: When white trash gets $$$

Britney Spears' parenting style makes my own look kinda good. Here's the latest, courtesy of Us Weekly and Life & Style magazines. If any of this is true, I feel terrible for those two little guys.

Spears gives her toddlers Coca Cola out of baby bottles and “asked an L.A. dentist if he would whiten her kid’s teeth!” The dentist refused.

...when Brit misplaces her pack of cigarettes, “she’ll actually turn to Sean and say, ‘Baby, where are Mama’s lollipops?’ Sean runs, gets her cigarettes and brings them back to her.”

I hope my own mother is paying attention to this next one because no matter what I've ever done to make her mad, I've never done this (yet--heh heh):

When Sean asks for Grandma, the singer (who blames Lynne for making her go to rehab in February) “tells the boys, ‘she’s a bad lady,’” says the insider.

When you can afford to pay a gajillion people to do whatever you need them to, maybe having a grandma around isn't so special. In our family, grandmas are what keep mommies sane!

Oh, let's not forget that other super mom, Melanie Griffith.

Clearly, I'm feeling a little high and mighty on my pedestal this morning--


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  1. Let's not forget how Disney-evil you are, though!


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