Aug. 28: Annoying ads

I've not been complaining enough lately. Therein lies the lame excuse for this morning's post.

There's a mortgage company advertisement I regularly see on my Yahoo! mail page, news sites, and a number of other sites. I hate it and I think it might make me insane(r). Sometimes it's an alien dancing around, sometimes a guy in a trenchcoat, sometimes a wizard. I didn't realize that it's possible to do a bad impression of Napoleon Dynamite. Apparently I was wrong. If you don't know the ad I'm referring to, you're lucky. Look around the main page at KGW you'll probably see it.

The "angus" Jack in the Box commercials make me mad because I just don't get them. What the hell is so funny?

I hate the Burger King ad when the guy looks in his rear view mirror and sees the plastic king in his back seat. All I can say is, "oops, I crapped my pants." I think that plastic guy is the creepiest thing I've seen in a long time, but that particular commercial is, hands-down, the worst.

That's enough for today. I now return you to my normally positive, uplifting, praiseworthy posts.


One more thing... I can't resist including a link to another Letterman Top Ten List, this one a video performance of Napoleon Dynamite.

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  1. I'll look at yer unders if yer Zach Efron.


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