Aug. 20: Pass the pigs, please

Have you ever played Pass the Pigs? It's considered a dice game, though I've never seen dice that look quite like these. Players roll the pigs and collect points based on the way they land. More complex combinations mean more points (duh). For instance, a "sider" is when both pigs land on their sides with their dots facing up; it's worth just one point. A "double snouter" is when both pigs land on their snouts, and it's worth 40 points. A "pig out" is when both pigs land on their sides, one with the dot up and one with the dot down. If you roll a "pig out" you lose your points for that turn. The first player to reach 100 points wins.

Trivia: Pass the Pigs was once called "Pig Mania." Definitely an alliterative improvement, hm?

While the game has been around forever, I first heard about it a few years ago and bought several sets as stocking stuffers one Christmas. I kept one for myself and got addicted immediately. It sounds quite stupid, but it's a lot of fun.

This is what my version looks like:

This is how the newer ones are sold:

Warning: the little pigs are soft rubber and your dogs will totally chew them up given the opportunity. Use the storage case!

Of course, there are now lots of online versions. This one is my favorite. If you've played the real game the online ones will make more sense than if you're brand new to it, but either way Pass the Pigs is a big time-waster. Enjoy.


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  1. We had the earlier version at home growing up. One of the ways to make points was the "Makin' Bacon" configuration. You figure it out...


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