Aug. 6: Hello Kitty Electric Chair

My Yahoo! News page today has an article about Bangkok police officers having to wear Hello Kitty armbands if they break rules. This just seems like the most useless punishment. I mean, if people who are supposed to uphold the law break it themselves, shouldn't they should get, say, the electric chair? They could put a picture of Hello Kitty on the back of the chair. Or maybe they could let the offender hold a plush Hello Kitty while he's being fried. Or maybe the guy who pulls the switch could wear a Hello Kitty mask.

OK, maybe it's a little harsh, but it's way funnier than Hello Kitty armbands. Hello Kitty is girly and dumb. 'Cept in this picture. Also, everyone knows that capital punishment is a huge deterrent to crime.

Why doesn't anyone put ME in charge of these things? I have the super-est ideas.


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