Aug. 27: ‘Eureka!’ moments?

USA Today has published this list of what they call ‘Eureka! moments,’ inventions that have changed our lives since 1982. (They chose 1982 because it was their first year in publication, but probably also because of four lovely people I know that tell me ‘82 ruled.)
  1. Cellphones
  2. Laptop computers
  3. BlackBerries (I'm guessing they mean the handheld electronic devices rather than the annoying pokey plants that keep showing up in my backyard)
  4. Debit cards
  5. Caller ID (in singsong voice: love it!)
  6. DVDs
  7. Lithium rechargeable batteries
  8. iPods
  9. Pay at the pump (in Oregon, it doesn't really make that much difference though; attendants still freak out if you start to get out of your car)
  10. Lettuce in a bag (why do they even SELL whole heads of lettuce anymore?)
  11. Digital cameras
  12. Doppler radar (yeah, it totally helps those weather forecasters get it right)
  13. Flat-panel TVs (I don't have one yet, but when I do I'm pretty sure "Eureka!" won't be the first words out of my mouth)
  14. Electronic tolls (um, okaaaay...)
  15. PowerPoint
  16. Microwavable popcorn (not me, thanks. If it isn't theater-style then it has to be naked. I still prefer air-popped. Oh, 'cept kettle corn)
  17. High-tech footwear (my vertical leap is way better thanks to my high-tech footwear)
  18. Online stock trading
  19. Big Bertha golf clubs (yup. tooootally changed my life.)
  20. Disposable contacts
  21. StairMaster (I think it's nice to be reminded that "the thing I hang my clothes on" actually has a name)
  22. TiVo (oh. my. goddess. This belongs ever so much higher on the list)
  23. Purell
  24. Home satellite TV
  25. Karaoke (has this really changed our lives in any other way than giving us something more to laugh at our drunk friends over?)

What do you think? Did they get it right? Seems like e-mail should be somewhere on the list ... those steps that let your old and/or fat dogs get up on the bed ... wi-fi at Starbucks ... Go-GURT ... in-car DVD players ... helmet laws ... online bill pay ... stadium theater seating ... The Simpsons ... disposable toilet brushes ... curbside recycling ... magnetic bumper stickers ...

What else?


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