Aug. 23: Disney Disney Disney

This makes me happy. The Little Mermaid is now a Broadway musical and will open in November. If this one is anything like the Disney movies made into Broadway musicals before it, it'll be a great show.

And because a mention of the Little Mermaid always reminds me of this, one of my all-time favorite of Letterman's top ten lists, here ya go:

Top Ten Ways Disneyland Can Attract More Visitors
  1. Dads get an hour alone with the Little Mermaid
  2. Goodbye costumed animals, hello Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling
  3. Paint target on Goofy; give visitors choice between BB gun or slingshot
  4. They really should think about doing some advertising
  5. For no extra charge, Mike Tyson will bite off one of your mouse ears
  6. At "Hall of Presidents," the Woodrow Wilson robot performs a slow, seductive striptease
  7. Open up a Disneyland on every corner like Starbucks
  8. New attraction: "Mr. Gifford's Wild Ride"
  9. One-millionth customer gets to beat the daylights out of Mickey
  10. Thaw out Walt and ask him what the hell to do!

And another Disney-themed list:

Top Ten Signs Disney Is Taking Over New York City

  1. $20 will buy you a lap dance from Goofy
  2. The Statue of Liberty now has a rodent-like tail
  3. Guys handing out flyers for "The Country Bears' Pantsless Jamboree"
  4. Mayor Giuliani's new audioanimatronic combover
  5. 50% increase in number of drag queens going by name "Tinkerbell"
  6. Cab drivers now have mouse ears glued to their turbans
  7. Mafia figures adopting nicknames like "Bashful" and "Sleepy"
  8. Hookers now whistling while they work
  9. Frank Gifford recently caught nailing the Little Mermaid
  10. Midtown crack house now called "Space-Out Mountain"

And now I return you to my regular non-top-ten-list-containing posts.


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  1. All these stories are verification that everyday there's something to laugh about.

    Mother Mary


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