July 22: Post-party #3

Yummy, yummy, yummy, I got party food in my tummy.

If you’ve been to gatherings at our house before, you know that food is always the component with which I spend the majority of my time planning. This party was no exception. Mary (my mom), Pat (April’s mom), and Darlene (Vic’s mom), April and I provided a lot of the prepared food and beverages. While those things were delicious, it’s the homemade foods that people have been e-mailing me about. Here are the details.

Camille (April’s sister) and Roger were responsible for that huge and beautiful and very tasty fruit salad that was the centerpiece of the table. They also made the hummus and flatbread, as well as the curry chicken salad. Camille, if you’re willing to share your recipes, e-mail them to me. I should also mention that these two very helpful guests tended to the food throughout the party. They made sure all dishes were restocked and none of you starved. Aren’t you glad they came?

Dawn, my caterer neighbor and new favorite person in the world, made the to-die-for macaroni and cheese. She was generous enough to send me the recipe, which many of you have requested, so here it is. Dawn also made that amazing sundried tomato and pesto torte and the I-just-can’t-get-enough onion puffs. I was tempted to sneeze on any one (or all three) of these dishes so I could have them all to myself. Lucky for you, I didn’t.

I made the orzo pasta salad and tapenade pinwheels.

Here’s a tip: if you get invited to a party at our house, change whatever other plans you might have so you can be here. Especially when other foodie-types are involved, it’s worth coming just for the grub. Your gut will be forever grateful, even if your waistline will hate you.

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  1. You're making me hungry, I'll be right over to raid the fridge!


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