July 29: Birthday boys

Today it would probably be easier to scream “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” than to single each birthday person out. But single out I will, because I’m feeling generous with my time. Also, I’m staying here at my desk until I’ve finished my coffee so I might as well write.

Let’s start with the youngest.

Daryl, my brother-in-law and the husband to one of my favorite people, turns 38 today. Although he’ll probably spend the day like any other—playing games with his nerd friends online and “working”—I imagine he, Sally and Presley will be doing something more fun. Like going to one of the many exciting places that are but a short drive from where they live. (There is a slight possibility that I imagine life as a Rehling-Manullang to be much more thrilling than it actually is.) Anyway, have a good one, Daryl.

Next up is Scott Neil, who’s turning 39. He is older than Daryl. He’s probably feeling young, though, because he spends his days with people much, much older than he is. Happy birthday, Scott! We hope to see you guys someday.

And speaking of people much, much older, today is also Victor’s birthday. Vic is that guy I married 11+ years ago. He’s 44 now, and that means he is unbelievably elderly. But I still love him. He’s pretty much super-dee-duper (he made me write that—so clearly, the man is senile).

This evening we’re partying with Chris, Sonya, Julianne, Jacob, Darlene, Wellington, and the four of us, and will be singing to all three of today’s birthday boys. Feel free to join us in song.


  1. Happy Birthday to my favorite Bro-In-Law!! Watching you age is like having a small window to my own journey into elderlyhood. Thanks for the posted warnings. You're all heart. I truly do think you're neat-o.

  2. And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite, youngest son-in-law


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