July 25: Post-party #6

Alright, this is my last party-related post and I’ll never talk about the party again unless I feel like talking about the party.

One thing cool about celebrating your birthday two months early is that people give you gifts at the party and then hopefully forget and give you a gift again on your birthday. Yay for poor memory!

For a party on which the invitation specifically requested NO gifts, April and I were showered with many. There are a few of those I want to mention that are exceptionally... um... mention-worthy.

The first gift I received was when my mom and Kathy arrived Friday afternoon. Since we pulled the rail on our front porch down (intentionally), the front of the house looked so different. Something was missing. This bistro set filled in that space perfectly.

I love bistro sets, but not the fakey ornate ones. The one Mom chose is exactly what I wanted. Exactly. It’s very simple and has nice little details, like the pattern on the edge of the table and that pitcher of mimosas.

The next thing I was given was a Harvey seat belt bag. It’s black and a doctor bag style. My seester knows me so well.

I can’t stop touching it (heh heh, that’s what she said). It’s made of real seat belt material, so it’s smooth and simply fabulous. Someone told me it looks like it’s made of grosgrain ribbon, but of course, it’s much sturdier than that. A nice extra touch? It has four metal feet on the bottom—important on any handbag, but especially one made of fabric. Thank you, Kath! I love, love, love it.

April gave me a wristlet from Laura Bee Designs. You can have items custom-made in the store, and April chose the materials and little add-ons for this just for me. This is so cute. Does April have the best taste, or what?

One of Lori’s gifts—a Troy Bolton pillow—has already been stolen from me. I saw it in Katie’s room last night. Not to worry, I will steal it back. If Katie puts up a fight she’ll be given a warning (“I’m bigger than you, kid!”) and that’s it; after that I’ll sit on her. Sometimes you have to show your kids who’s boss. (Lori, if you ever get your very own Link Larkin pillow you’ll do the same thing.) And I know what you’re thinking, but it is untrue: I AM NOT A PERVERT FOR LOVING THIS GIFT. “Immature,” I’ll give you. But not “pervert.”

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