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criticsIt’s Day #10 of our September Blog Challenge. Just 20 more to go! Today’s topic:

Review a book, place, or product.

I started to review a product, a shower head we recently purchased as part of our master bathroom renewal—that’s the right way to describe the new paint, towels, décor, etc., isn’t it? As I started typing out what I love about this shower head, it was sounding familiar to me. Had I blogged about it before? I did a quick search and found that YES, I blogged about this on September 14, 2009. Here’s what I wrote back then:

A few years ago I bought one of those sunflower-like shower heads. You know the ones; they’re supposed to feel like rainwater falling above you and make you forget all the bad things in life. I thought I’d give it a try because I like to spend my money on stupid stuff.

But surprise! This new shower head was immediately my favorite thing ever to show up in my bathroom. I almost wrote about it in our Christmas letter that year, because OH, THE HAPPINESS IT BROUGHT TO MY MORNINGS. It was gentle and quiet, and yet, morning after morning, there was somehow plenty of pressure in which to rinse the shampoo from my hair. Gravity can be awesome, I tell ya. They say the water falls from this shower head like rain, but it really was much, much lovelier than that. The closest comparison I can make to what it feels like is this:

(that’s rum, folks)

When the kids started choosing showers over baths, they always wanted to shower in our bathroom rather than their own. They’re messier in the bathroom than any kid ever in the history of the world, so allowing them to use our bathroom was not the best decision we ever made. Katie insisted she didn’t like the shower head in their bathroom because “it makes the water hurt.” I’ve blogged before about what a giant weenie she is with pain; I’m all WHATEVER, it’s a standard shower head:

(how can that hurt?)

And then I took a shower in the kids’ bathroom last week. You probably heard my cursing and screaming all the way to Wisconsin. The water comes out and hits the showerer (that was me) with such pain and surprise, it feels less like water coming out of the shower head and more like someone shoved a bunch of these up in there:

(the sharp ends)

That is, except for the “dead” spots—there are areas where very little water comes out at all. Those streams feel like this:

(oh yeah, it’s a cute bunny, but worthless for rinsing soap)

And then there’s the spot here and there where no water comes out at all:

It makes the simple things, like rinsing soap off one’s body, nearly impossible. If you stand in just the right place, you won’t even need a towel when you’re done. ‘Course, you’ll still stink like a mo-fo too.

We traded shower heads with the kids because we want our bathroom back and I figured if I’m reminded every morning how much their shower head sucks, I would be more likely to replace it in a timely manner. Two mornings into this experiment, I’m ready to kill every engineer at Moen or Delta or whatever company made this thing, and I’m also getting a new sunflower shower head on the way to work this morning.

For some forgotten reason, I didn’t buy a new shower head on my way to work that morning. I probably couldn’t find exactly what I wanted and gave up. Is it any wonder people say I’ve been so full of anger for the past four years? I’ve had to shower with porcupine water! I KNOW!!

I didn’t want to steam up our bathroom after painting a few weeks ago, so I showered in the kids’ bathroom. I had forgotten how lovely their rainfall shower head is, and I immediately vowed, again, to get one for our bathroom. I would not give up this time! It didn’t take me very long to find lots of different styles, and I was surprised at the variety of prices—from $12 to $200—but I chose one that seemed decent. When it arrived, and Victor installed it, and I got to stand under it, I wondered how I ever learned to tolerate a standard shower head after using a rainfall style. These things are like gently falling unicorn spit, assuming you think unicorn spit is a good thing. (It’s prob’ly a good thing.)

If you’re a blogger and want to do our blog challenge with us, let me know and I’ll send you our list! Otherwise, tune in here (and on Sherilee’s happy little blog and Lisa’s and Jenn’s and Sunshine’s too!) every day in September.


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  1. What, no brand names? No specific recommendations?! Help??

    I used one of these in a Holiday Inn Express (a "simply smart showerhead") and was tempted to buy one:

    Now I must reconsider.


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