Sep. 6: Happy things

happyIt’s Day #6 of the September Blog Challenge and, after yesterday’s hiccup, I am BACK.ON.TRACK.

What are ten things that make you happy?

I’m focusing on ten things that have made me happy in recent days.

  1. Birthdays! Today belongs to Kim F’n-W, my cramazing cousin Deanna, Facebook-abandoner Dan K, and Loveliest Lori’s son, Trevor. Happy birthday to y’all! Now I have a good excuse to get hammered today.
  2. Backups, and the ability to restore them. Wednesday’s exercise in futility at one of my client’s taught me a lesson (some software sucks), but thanks to a backup of the database, I can pretend it never happened. Kinda.
  3. Seeing everyone’s first day of school pictures posted on Facebook—it tickled my heart to see how proud we all are of our kids as they grow older and get out of our hair for a few hours a day.
  4. Daily Odd Compliments. They’re like a less twisted version of Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey.
  5. Rum.
  6. This blog challenge. It’s so fun to have my bloggy friends participating! Check out Sherilee, Sunshine, Lisa S, and Jenn H. I hope that by the end of the month I’ll still want to post regularly, and that y’all aren’t tuning out because I blather on and on like a moron.
  7. My water bottle with the filter inside. Our tap water tastes NASTY lately. I drink lots of water IF it doesn’t taste like anything but water; this bottle is perfection.
  8. My nearest and dearest friends. There are times when I marvel at how fortunate I am to have certain people in my life, when just the thought of them make me smile. I’m so grateful for friendship.
  9. Hearing my kids talk to each other. They’re at the same school this year, and Jack has been asking Katie questions about teachers and classes and rules. I like to listen to them talk nicely—this is not something that comes easily to them—and Katie has actually been helpful instead of irritated at her annoying little brother. Life is just nicer when they aren’t arguing, y’know?
  10. Comments on my blog. That’s right, I’m flat-out asking you to leave a comment below! Tell me the things that make YOU happy!

If you’re a blogger and want to do our blog challenge with us, let me know and I’ll send you our list! Otherwise, tune in here (and on Sherilee’s happy little blog and Lisa’s and Jenn’s and Sunshine’s too!) every day in September!



  1. Ooooh, the pics of kids on the 1st day of school is a good one! Those were fun!
    My list would have to include pepperjack cheese.
    And that lightning/thunder we've been having.
    Can I include fireflies even if I haven't seen one in decades? Wait . . . that makes me sad . . .
    My cat Bamboo. Best. Cat. Ever. Hangs around, follows me into every room, but likes to keep his distance, not overfond of contact, very sleepy. A LOT like me.
    Man, my list, compared to yours, seems sort of superficial.
    Hey! Why didn't you include me in this challenge thing? My various blogs (I have two professional ones, one personal) haven't been updated in a year or so.

    And THAT, JSM, is a comment. :)

    1. You can join this challenge thing any time, Mr. Brunt. And you do know, don't you, that now that you've commented here I will be expecting a list of your 10 happy things (what? MORE happy things?) over on my blog too! :)

  2. I keep thinking about getting a water bottle with a built in filter - so handy!

    Let's see things making me happy lately...
    coffee - this goes without saying but I'm saying it anyway.
    having three hours to myself every day - I can't believe how much I can get accomplished in three hours. Or not accomplish if necessary!
    flowers to photograph - especially the little ones that you almost walk by and notice at the last second
    two kids who love school - we lucked out there. I am grateful for my nerdy family.
    Discovering a grocery store that sells every damn flavor of Harney & Sons Tea. All of them. For seriously.

    I think that's good for now :O)

  3. Love your happy list, Jen. And I love that we're doing this challenge together. :)


  4. Larry, I emailed you the blog challenge list. No excuses now! Your happy things made *me* happy.

    Jen E, those three hours are, like, refreshing to the soul no matter how they're spent, aren't they? Lovely peace. :)

  5. Well, I love your happiness, minus the RUM.


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