Nov. 1: Halloween stories

We had the most perfect trick-or-treating weather last night. Well, it was cold, but it was as nice as you can hope for this time of year. Past years have been either rainy, windy, icy cold, or a combination of all three. It made for an especially pleasant evening. Thank you, weather gods!

We started our Halloween celebration with dinner at Dawn & Darby’s. They had prepared quite a feast, and I was thrilled to see Dawn made macaroni and cheese. It was a bit different version, but delicious nonetheless. She even sent me home with some, which I gobbled up last night and this morning. Dawn is such an amazing cook. And she’s super nice, too. I will cry if someday we’re not neighbors anymore.

Katie and Jack wore their pirate costumes:

Vic and I also wore partial Halloween costumes. I put on my Mickey Mouse pirate head scarf, and Vic wore his Jack Sparrow dreads. When we walked into Dawn & Darby’s, Rob (our next-door neighbor, who was also dressed pirate-y) said, "Jennifer, you should tie me up!" Wuh-huh? I’ll be honest; I was scared. I had no idea what he was talking about and wasn’t about to venture a guess. It wasn’t until a few minutes later that he said something about how difficult it was to tie his head scarf that I finally got it. I know, I’m slow. But I was so frightened! And that is my spooky Halloween tale.

Alisa sent a picture of baby Brooke in her first Halloween costume. Is she the cutest little punkin?

April sent pictures of Emma (with a t-o-t’ing pal) and Trevor, along with this little story: Emma is a princess and Trev did his environmental part by wearing E’s old ladybug costume. I love the age he’s at since he’s totally fine with it. We were at Sportscamp this morning and the other boys were shouting out they were going to be a fireman, ninja, Harry Potter, etc. and T proudly said ‘I’m a ladybug.’ Personally, I love Trevor’s dead-on jack-o’-lantern impression below:

Where are your Halloween pictures? When you’ve recovered from your Halloween candy hangover, e-mail them to me!

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