Sep. 20: Baseball happiness

We got up early this morning and drove up I-5 to see the Mariners play the Yankees in Seattle. It had been a few years since Victor and I were last at Safeco Field, so it was exciting to see a game again. But it was also somewhat bittersweet, as the Yankees were my dad’s favorite baseball team. Of course, they are now mine as well, unless they’re playing Seattle. When they play Seattle I am very, very torn.

We took Dad to a Mariners-Yankees game about ten years ago. Everyone around us was irritated by his cheering against Seattle; I was more concerned about Dad starting a fight. I’d never been to a major league game with him before, and had no idea just how far he was willing to go to prove his longtime love for his team. Thank goodness, we all left in the same number of pieces in which we arrived.

During that game, I rooted for the Mariners just to make Dad mad because yes, I was that daughter. I don’t remember who won the game, but it was probably the Yankees. I think it didn’t matter much to Dad, really; he had a good time just seeing them play. He said he’d been to Yankees games a bunch of times, but we don’t know if that’s true or just his wishful thinking and “creative” boasting. Whatever. I have happy memories of being at that game with him.

So today, I was kind of doing that “Peacemaker Mom” thing: “As long as everyone played their best and had a good time, we all win!” I know, blech.

The thing is, it’s always nice when the home team wins. Crowds are happier. People don’t leave at the seventh inning stretch. There’s lots of cheering and fewer fights. It makes for a pleasant few hours when the home team does well. In this game, the Mariners scored twice in the first inning and five times in the second. The Yankees got one run in the sixth.

In spite of this, a fight almost broke out near our seats. A guy just below us decided to stand while Ken Griffey, Jr. was at bat late in the game. This bothered some people behind us (he wasn’t in our way, so we didn’t care), and they started yelling at him to sit down. He turned around and said something like, “It’s Junior!” and continued to stand. Peanuts started flying. More people started yelling. One of Mr. Standing Guy’s buddies turned around and told everyone to shut up, and then it escalated. And OH! The name-calling! The panic for those of us sitting between the yellers! Mr. Standing Guy finally sat down, and he and his buddies left soon after. Whew.

A few other tidbits:

  • Alex Rodriguez got booed every time he was at bat. Seattle really hates him (and rightfully so). I don’t know if I’ve ever been at a game when that’s happened—‘course, I never saw John Rocker play. Anyway, we all thought it was hilarious because A-Rod’s such a dick. Even Wellington loved it.
  • The Garlic Fries at Safeco are yummy but OH MY BUDDHA, they are garlicky. I feel sorry for anyone who’ll be around us for the next few days, as I know garlic seeps through the skin and smells for a long, long time. On the up side, garlic is supposedly a good cold-fighter so we oughta be healthy for a while. And no vampires either!
  • Seeing Junior play again was beyond awesome.
  • I totally forgot a Sharpie, so I couldn’t ask Derek Jeter to sign either or both of my boobs. Dammit.
  • Katie enjoyed the game—she loved the music, games on the screen, etc.—and Jack got bored fast. Still, he says he wants to be a professional baseball player so he can make lots of money and not work very hard. He ought to get real far with that attitude, hm?

About halfway through the game, the sun was on most of the field and it was just perfect. Proof:

Safeco Field, September 20, 2009

‘Twas a good day.


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  1. Despite the outcome, it looks like it was a beautiful day at a great baseball stadium. You forgot to mention in your wrap-up that Junior hit a home run too, thus sealing the Yankees' fate in this one. Glad you got to see the Yankees this year!


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