Sep. 27: Emmy pride

When I was little my best pal was a neighbor boy, Seth. There was just a couple weeks’ difference in our ages, and apparently we got along well from the very beginning (my mom’s memory of this time is much better than mine, as we were not even two years old when we “met”). One of the most enduring memories of my childhood is that Seth and I were, for a time, inseparable. I was seven when we moved away from Medford but we still visited frequently and continued to be friends. Over the years we grew apart, although I’ve kept in touch with Seth’s parents.

My mom told me this morning that an article about Seth was published in today’s Medford Mail Tribune: Medford native honored for 9/11 documentary. He won three Emmy awards at this year’s ceremonies for his work on 102 Minutes That Changed America. I easily found the video of this documentary piece, split into two parts:

I think it was a couple years ago that I watched a 9/11 documentary and saw Seth’s name roll past in the end credits. What an unexpected surprise! Now, looking at his IMDB page, I assume it was National Geographic: Inside 9/11 that I had seen. I’m fascinated by the many amateur video compilations of that day, and that particular one was especially well done.

Odd, but I feel enormous pride that Seth has worked on projects like this—as if it has anything to do with me. But isn’t that how we always are, when people from our past show up in a very public and non-scandalicious way?

And here I thought the Emmys were all about Neil Patrick Harris and questionable fashion choices. Turns out they’re also about congratulations to long-lost friends.



  1. Very cool. And in there "odd but related" cateogry of comments: I was going through a VERY old file of writing from college and happened upon an essay you wrote about Seth. I have been meaning to send it to you... if you don't have a copy sitting around? Anyway, your post today reminded me of that, and your sweet essay on childhood friendships, losing touch, etc.

  2. Ah, you remember! Yes, I've got that essay around here somewhere, probably in my folder from our poetry class. Good times. Good name, too. :)


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