Sep. 29: Bacon makes it better?

Another good kind of bacon I haven’t done a Plinky prompt in a while. I thought about it last week, when one day’s prompt asked what kind of technology I could live without for a month, but then I couldn’t come up with a good answer because I don’t think anyone really calls my toaster “technology.” And now that I really think about it, I’d rather not live without my toaster for a month. Unlike my friends Cassie and Dina, I don’t LOVE LOVE LOVE toast like OH MY GOD it’s the most amazing thing EVER, but I do kinda like it when I need to eat and nothing else sounds appetizing. So, never mind.

Today’s Plinky prompt is totally easy:

True or false: bacon makes it better.


Duh! True.


And is there really any discussion necessary here? I mean, we all know that bacon is one of very few things that proves God exists AND that She wants us to eat pigs or why else would She have made them so delicious?

Maybe the next Plinky prompt could be something about how bloggers can alienate their vegetarian and Christian friends. Because, um, I totally know.


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