Sep. 3: Green babies rule

Exciting news for Rent and Wicked fans: Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs became parents yesterday. Their son was named Walker Nathaniel Diggs and is sure to be gorgeous if he’s anything like his mom OR dad.

I have no photos of the new baby—Taye hasn’t e-mailed them to me yet, like he has more important things to do and I suppose it’s possible he may not know my e-mail address or that I exist. So here’s the next best thing; one of the few scenes in the Rent movie in which Idina/Maureen and Taye/Benny appear together when he’s not being an ass and she’s not trying to steal the spotlight—also one of the most beautiful songs from the film and HELLO! sing it, Jesse L. Martin!:


What? You say you want more? Alright, here’s another one of my favorites from the movie, which my sister calls “The Lumberjack Song.”


Alright, I’m going nuts with the videos. Ignore them if you want to. This is the song that always brings me to goosebumpy tears—the final song in the first act, “Defying Gravity.” (Yes, this is bootleg Broadway in all its finest.)


Here’s one of the most emotional performances of “For Good” from Wicked that I’ve seen. The first part of the video is an interview; other than a little bit o’ Taye Diggs talk it’s kinda boring. The song starts at 3:21.



  1. Yeah, whatever, so she had his baby. No big deal. I'm sure he'll still love me best. :(

  2. Those video's NEVER get old!!!

  3. Here I sit in tears--those songs are amazing!

  4. Those video's NEVER get old!!!


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