Sep. 24: Miscellanea

Quickly. I’ve got PTO stuff today.

  • Yesterday I was in excruciating pain and thought I’d take a walk to see if it helped at all. I went up to the kids’ bus stop and back (approximately a half mile round trip), and it didn’t help at all. But it didn’t make me hurt worse! This is good. This is very good. I might just walk to my PTO activity later this morning. Maybe it’ll make up for the 7-layer bar I ate for breakfast.
  • This is how most orders look. Vic's was waaaay more garlicky. When we were at Safeco Field on Sunday we all got Garlic Fries. They were tasty and very, very garlicky. I think Victor’s order was from the bottom of the pot because you could barely see the fries through all the garlic. Monday night he said to me, “Everything that came out of me today smelled so bad!” Now, my husband’s an intelligent person, so why on EARTH would he say something like that to a person who has a blog? Especially when that person’s blog posts tend to contain a lot of here’s-what-a-dork-my-husband-is stories! And that person is me! (Boundaries? I know not what that word means.)
  • Wanna know how lucky I am? I’ll tell ya. My mom is teaching a class on WWU’s Portland campus this quarter, so she’s flying up every other Monday and that means I HAVE A STANDING LUNCH DATE WITH MY MOMMA. Since the WWU Portland campus is adjacent to the hospital in which I often work on Mondays, it could not be more convenient. She said if Victor behaves that he could join us occasionally. We’ll see.
  • Sherilee sent me a book for my birthday, and so far it is spectacular. I’ll dedicate an entire post to the book soon. It’s so nice to start reading something that I immediately know I’m going to love—I’ve run into some real chuckers lately.
  • Last night I watched the season premiere of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and about halfway through I found myself getting angry because two major characters were making Benson and Stabler look like they sucked at their jobs. So I said to Vic that I didn’t like how those two characters were bothering “my peeps.” Then I hit my chest with the side of my fist twice, like the rappers do. And Vic said, “Don’t do that.” Like I can’t pull that off. Like it looks dumb. And ya know what? He’s totally right. I can’t pull that off. I knew this, of course, but I thought he was being kinda mean. So now I have to do it over and over, just to bug the hell out of him. Heh heh heh… that’ll show him to tell me when I look like an idiot even though he’s right and really only doing it for my own good.
  • Tuesday was Picture Day at the school and I survived. If you’ve been paying attention, you know that on Picture Day, my anxiety level goes to 11. Last year was hellish. The year before I wrote about where most of my Picture Day anxiety comes from—third grade. Sunshine and I were sharing Picture Day horror stories Monday night and she had some real doozies—thank goodness she’s a blogger, because now you can read about them too!

I must go; the PTO calls. Lately the PTO calls a LOT.



  1. Yes people, garlic enhanced poo/pee does smell worse than regular poo/pee does. Just an FYI...

  2. I hope that PTO knows what they have in you, lady... slave labor, that's what. Send an invoice for your time and see if you get as many calls!

    The garlic thing... wow.

    And Sunshine has a blog? You know I'm in love with her name and I haven't even met her... going to check out the blog now...

    Glad you're likin' the book.

  3. Ah, picture day. This year our school had picture day before school started - kinda nice. Parents could help lick down the cowlicks and pick any extra food or boogies off the faces so the kind PTA ladies didn't have too :).

    Visited Sunshine's blog - another lazy eye girl!


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