Sep. 15: More piratey things

Just a few more days until Talk Like a Pirate Day is upon us. Ye must prepare ye-self, and me be here to help ye.

Here's a Bejeweled-like pirate treasure game, Pieces of Eight. It makes me feel old because the coins look way too similar for me to be any good at it. Cursed be Lasik!

What do pirates like to do in their free time?
Watch pirated DVD's, Arrrrgh!

What has 8 legs, 8 arms and 8 eyes?
8 pirates.

Why was the pirate so mean?
Because he was an AAAAARRsehole!

What be a pirate's favorite way of listening to music?
He buys them on ayeTunes with his ayeMac and puts them on his ayePod!

What does a pirate and a pimp have in common?
They both say YO HO!

What ye be callin' pirate throw-up?
Pieces o'....... ate!

What did the pirate say when he couldn't find his ship?

Don't forget, the Portland Pirate Festival is next weekend.

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  1. Wanted to share our pirate names: Uncle Ron is Musket Ball Vinny; Appie is Tax Evadin' Amy Bones; Sean is my personal favorite - Barnacle Brain Diego; Stephen is Leprous Skyler Dagger; Molly is Cap'n Bianca Deadbones; Shelbers is Fruity Deb Read.



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