Sep. 19: Friggin' idiot

Here's a local news item from today:

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - When a man told Canby police that he took a bullet in Southern California and then traveled by bus all the way to Oregon, the story seemed a little hard to believe.

A new version of events came out last night and it was even more strange.

Jeremy Terwilleger now tells police he stabbed himself with a ball point pen. He took a bus to Portland and stayed with a friend in Canby.

Then on Monday, worried that he'd left part of the pen inside his shoulder, the 29-year-old began digging around with a knife.

He struck an artery and started to bleed heavily. His friend called for help, and Terwilleger was flown to Legacy Emanuel Hospital.

Police officers doubted the gunshot tale because there was no bullet in the shoulder and no exit wound.

Terwilleger told police pain makes him feel alive and that is why he stabbed himself with the pen.

What is wrong with people? It's too bad the guy's friend found him because he was just about to get a well-deserved Darwin award. Geez.

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  1. What about the dork who stuck a rattlesnake into his mouth while he was drunk???!!


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