Sep. 2: Beautiful Kathleen

My seester has an admirer. He thinks she's beautiful and goes into a trance when he talks about her. He also walks with a white cane but I don't think that has anything to do with how beautiful he thinks she is.

This morning I read an article about hot dogs and it made me think of Kathy because she hates hot dogs. It has something to do with National Geographic. I think you probably don't want to know. Anyway, for the benefit of hot dog haters, I offer this list of suggestions people have given on Yahoo! Answers to make hot dogs taste better (spelling and grammar errors are NOT mine!).

  • Take a hot dog, slice halfway through lengthwise, put cheddar cheese in the slit, wrap with a corn tortilla and fry in oil. Dip in ketchup or mustard. Tortilla turns crunchy, pretty darn tooten good.

  • Slice hotdog into round pieces, approximately a quarter an inch thick. In a frying pan, saute onions. When the onions are halfway done, add the hotdog pieces. Voila! Gourmet hotdog.

  • Grate some cheese and onion mix it with mayo so its like paste, warm it up and put it on top, it's delicious!

  • Use a little hot sauce, sour cream and chopped onions. Toast the bun, I know, sounds gross, but it's really good.

  • I like the hot dogs that are put in a crock pot in a bed of sauerkraut. Wrap that dog up in a crescent roll stuffed with cheddar cheese. Mmm, so good.

  • mayo!!!!!!!!!! cheese stix!!!!!!! always Onions!!!!!!!!!!

  • Soak them in liquid smoke and grill them in the oven on the rack that's some good eating

  • The method of cooking the hot dog is what determines the final taste and texture of the hot dog, I have tried several ways, grilling, frying in a pan, boiling, but the best method and provided the best taste is by electrocution

  • Slit it down the middle, fill it full of mashed potatoes, lay strips of cheese across entire dog and top with tomato sauce. It's called a stuffed frank

  • Try a Sonoran Dog. Basic ingredients: Take one extra large hot dog bun, place pinto beans and diced onions at the bottom. Then place your cooked hotdog which you wrap in bacon on top of that. Then you place mayonnaise and mustard on top, along with salsa verde, salsa and pico de gallo. Throw a few grilled green onions on the side with a beer, and that's it. Dogs up!

  • Boil them in beer

You're welcome, Kath. And I think you're beautiful too.


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