Sep. 20: Happy Birthday, Jacob!

Today Jake turns 11. How can that be? He was a baby at our wedding. I remember he had a really icky cold that day and every time I looked at him during our portraits, there was a big ol' bubble coming out of his nose.

Nice little story, hm?

Snot bubble or not, this is for you, Jacob. Have a good one!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Jacob!! How do you say that in the Chinese dialect you're learning??

    This is also your great-grandmother's birthday, Jen--she'd be 125 today. OK, so it's been a while since she walked with me out in the woods of their farm telling me the names of all the plants. I can remember on one hand the times she hugged me, but I can also remember the hours she spent reading me the classics. Good memories.


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